called the former Minister of Transport and MP for Basra Kazem Cup Hamami, on Friday, the House of Representatives to approve the Port Authority Act and to make the General Company for Ports separate from the Ministry of Transport , to return the interest of the ports along the lines of what it was at its founding 100 years ago. 

Al-Hamami said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "the request to separate the General Company for Ports from the Ministry of Transport, and converted to an independent port authority linked to the Council of Ministers , similar to the Civil Aviation Authority," noting that "the General Company of Ports will be the Iraqi Ports Authority to return To its predecessor when it was carrying the name during its golden age, where it enjoyed financial independence, operational and development.

Al-Hamami pointed out that "the proposal won the approval of the deputies of Basra, led by MP Muzahim Tamimi," adding that "our efforts will be devoted during the coming period to prepare the draft law of the proposed power, and Basra will be of great importance after the adoption of the law (the Iraqi Navy) (Iraqi Ports Authority) Law. 

The General Ports Company is one of the oldest governmental institutions in Iraq . It was established in 1919 as the Iraqi Ports Authority and was declared a public company in 1997. It currently employs more than ten thousand employees, including many engineers and naval officers. The administrative structure includes ten administrative and technical departments including the Department of Shipyards and Marine Industries. The company manages five active commercial ports, namely the ports of Maqal, Abu Flus, Khor Al Zubair, Umm Qasr While the company is trying to build the port of Faw, which is hoped to be one of the largest and most modern commercial ports in the region if completed according to the designs prepared by an Italian consulting company.