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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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50 Alpha soon currency in circulation .. What the experts say?

day dreamer
day dreamer

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50 Alpha soon currency in circulation .. What the experts say? Empty 50 Alpha soon currency in circulation .. What the experts say?

Post by day dreamer on Sat 14 Nov 2015, 6:35 pm

50 Alpha soon currency in circulation .. What the experts say?


 11/15/2015 0:00

Baghdad Shatha Faraj
 CBI stressed near the Issuance of a class of (50) thousand dinars and facilitate trading, and select the end of the year deadline to put this decision into practice, which raised many questions about the importance of this step economic and trade dimensions, between those who confirms that they are only for a limited impact
, or believed to be involved in a reformist program of far-reaching impact ..
These views have to get us to a group of experts in the fields of economy and finance in order to explain the implications and the importance of trading the fifty thousand dinars category at this time.

Reduces the burden

Majid picture (economist) told us saying: »that the version of the category (50) thousand dinars has no affect on the market and the economy at all, because this has to do with the payments system and the issuance of that currency eases Alabye large commercial operations».
He stressed the picture, saying: »nothing to do with the exchange rate and development and thus benefit to improve the functioning of payments and that by shortening the currency and facilitation which does not affect even simple with low-income citizens and dealing is the same as the Iraqi currency, rather than to pay cash in the currency of the smaller will be paid by the biggest currency, according to the market need,
and I, too, with the release of the 50 category and those implicated in the trading soon.
Ahsan Yasiri (Director General of the Central Bank) says: «that the version of the category (50) thousand dinars hoped to be in mid-December of 2015 or before
Shortly followed by the Issuance of a class (100) thousand dinars, so we have put a solid floor and high transactions through these two categories is likely to do without them for a dollar. »

Positive sign

 Yasiri added »that the issuance of this coin a positive sign, because the Iraqi currency from high-balance currency but a small structure Vvih (25) which corresponds to the (21) dollars have citizen to carry a dollar for easy handling and carry and if we issued a category (50) or (100) will be its structure
comfortable and better handling. »
The Yasiri, saying: »that this version does not affect the exchange rate and has no relationship at all, but it Humajrd means to store value, but does not affect the local market transactions on the contrary, is of great benefit to the owners of the high salaries».

Not a problem

Ibrahim al-Mashhadani (economist) told us saying: «that the issuance of this currency does not affect much on the domestic market and does not represent a problem and we are never in Iraq and through the Central Bank of Iraq, we had the idea of ​​reducing the (zero) of the currency as
It happened in Iran, Turkey and many of
Countries, but its work in Iraq to the belief of many people not being a problem that they will succeed in the market. »
Mashhadani added »that the amount of money in circulation now, and that nearly 40 trillion dinars rose more arrived in the 50th, for example, will be the citizen status of well-being more and through a certain segment of society though the discharge process will be a little tough on the citizen or a simple employee but it will be a benefit to the dealer and the investor
Iraqi ».

Monetary policy

Mashhadani noted «that this category would be the share of employees with high salaries and private presidencies and three members of Parliament, ministers and officials.
  This version is the category of the fifty thousand monetary policy within the fiscal policy, which in turn lacks harmony with each other and must be coordination between these two policies in order to advance the process of development, investment and control inflation. »

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