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Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    Trump’s San Diego Speech Was a Speech for the Ages


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    Trump’s San Diego Speech Was a Speech for the Ages Empty Trump’s San Diego Speech Was a Speech for the Ages

    Post by Lobo Sun 29 May 2016, 5:26 pm

    Trump’s San Diego Speech Was a Speech for the Ages

    Donald Trump just delivered a speech for the ages in San Diego. He made several subtle and overt accusations. His two most stunning accusations consisted of what the real unemployment rate is and second, a politician has final challenged the California drought. Although he was cryptic on the drought, it is clear to those of us that have investigated the fraud and manipulation behind the drought, what he is talking about, and it is stunning.

    The Real Unemployment Rate

    Donald Trump is claiming that the REAL US unemployment is really running at 2o%. This matches what Shadow Stats John Williams claims as well as Joseph Meyer, from Straight Line Money Analysis, have clearly stated on The Common Sense Show. In fact both men have stated that this does not account for the “under-employment rate” which is due largely to Obamacare which restricts workers to 29 hours per week before employers are required to cover their exorbitant Obamacare costs.

    The announcement of Trumps estimation of the unemployment rate is an amazing four times higher than the supposedly low rate of 5 percent claimed by President Barack Obama, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told a rally in San Diego.

    “You look at the NATO countries, many of them aren’t living up to their obligations. They’re our friends, they’re our allies, but they’ve been abusing us… Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, we defend these countries and they don’t pay us.” Trump was referring to our NATO allies that we pay to protect, while they ignore their obligations to NATO.

    Throughout the campaign, Trump has bemoaned the fact that the United States is always stuck with the check and then when he is President, that will be a priority of his administration to stop the leaking.

    Trump Delivers Cryptic Message About California Water Shortage

    At that same speech in San Diego, he referenced the California water shortage. He was noncommittal except to say that California has plenty of water. I am also convinced that from what he said, he knows what I about the California drought

    The United States Drought Monitor map is showing that 78% of the state is currently experiencing an “exceptional drought” stage. This represents a 22% increase from just a year ago.

    Droughts can prove devastating to a community as widespread crop and pasture losses and shortages of water in reservoirs, streams and wells accompany drought conditions.

    Exceptional drought, the most extreme category, indicates the most extreme conditions of drought and is considered to be a precursor to

    Lynne Wilson, who serves on the climate change delegation in the United Nations, “Civilizations in the past have had to migrate out of areas of drought. We may have to migrate people out of California.”

    It seems certain that at this rate of increasing drought, millions of Americans, presently living in California, better begin packing their collective bags because it could soon be moving day.

    At this point, people are undoubtedly wondering if there isn’t something that can be done to save California from this massive drought?

    The Air Force Has the Solution to California’s Drought

    Since its first publication, “Owning the Weather 2025“, and “The Weather As a Force Multiplier“, both published in 1996, the Air Force has made it clear that it has the capability to control the weather to the degree that their documents admit that they can weaponize both weather and earthquakes (see Exhibit 2 in the Appendix). Before you wrinkle your nose up and fall back on the phrase that so many have been conditioned by, “You must be a conspiracy theorist”, I have published the Air Force’s annotated bibliography on this subject of weather modification which is listed below in the Appendix (see Exhibit 1). I dare any reasonable person to read the data contained in the Appendix and not be able to conclude that the California drought , now in Arizona, now in New Mexico, now in Nevada and et al, in the Southwest, is not being artificially manipulated.

    The Air Force actually maintains a separate entity in its branch known as the “Air Force Weather Agency”. Its mission is weather modification.

    I am going to stop short of saying this Air Force agency created the drought conditions. Although, a circumstantial case can be made that major political capital and money is at stake in the California drought. Further, the Air Force clearly has the ability to mitigate the situation. (see Exhibits 1,2,3 located in the Appendix). Additionally, don’t the citizens of California pay taxes to the federal government who in turn, oversees the Air Force? Then why aren’t the full resources of the Air Force Weather Agency being brought to bear in this crisis? Further, why isn’t a massive cloud seeding program being implemented in California’s mountains? I grew up in Colorado and when the ski season was delayed by late snowfalls, the state simply “seeded” the clouds to expedite the process. If this worked in Colorado in the 20th century, then why would it not work in California in the 21st century?The simple answer is because that is not the plan.

    Lynn Wilson, Kaplan University and a Very Bad Boy Named Peter

    Lynn Wilson from Kaplan University has stated that climate change is behind what is happening to California. Lynn Wilson has conducted no meaningful research in the area of climate change. In fact, Kaplan University has never published a research study on climate change! Then why is Wilson speaking out on this issue? Wilson’s and Kaplan’s lack of meaningful credentials in this area are puzzling that any media outlet would give them the time of day, until one considers that Kaplan, a for-profit university is owned by the globalist propaganda mouthpiece, The Washington Post.

    Amazingly, Lynne Wilson serves on the climtate change delegation in the United Nations. This fact makes Wilson’s statement that “Civilizations in the past have had to migrate out of areas of drought. We may have to migrate people out of California”,to be very suspect with regard to moving Americans out of California.

    Why is Wilson promoting the mass migration of Americans from California? More importantly, why would anyone listen to someone with no credentials to have the authority to make such a claim? Most importantly, why is Kaplan, which is basically an online university that does no research, being thrust into the forefront by such media outlets as CNBC?

    Peter Sutherland an insider's insider. Head of the UN Migration Council. He will soon be your next landlord.

    Peter Sutherland an insider’s insider. Head of the UN Migration Council. He will soon be your next landlord.

    Lynn Wilson meet Peter Sutherland. I recently wrote about Peter Sutherland and pointed out that this Bilderberg Steering Committee member, former head of the Western Europe Trilateral Commission, the former head of the Bank of Ireland and the person I identified as the mastermind of the conspiracy related to the Gulf oil explosion, would be in charge of any population movements inside of the United states. Most significantly, in 2006, Peter Sutherland was appointed as the special representative (SRSG) on the United Nations International Migration and Development.The UN’s International Migration and Development would be in charge of large scale population movements. It is clear that Lynn Wilson is a convenient puppet and a bumbling mouthpiece for Sutherland.

    Over the past month, I have written about Sutherland being the point man resulting in the takeover of the US by the UN. I am surprised that the propaganda aspect of these intentions is already in the mainstream media. My fear is that this plot is going to move very quickly.

    A more detailed synopsis about the threat posed to the United States by Sutherland can be obtained here.
    Simultaneous Agendas Connected to the Evacuation of California and It Is a Very Good Reason to Build the Wall

    For those that are wondering why I am presenting the notion of climate change without a change, it is your turn. Climate Change is a term which evolved out of the term “global warming” which was debunked as a scientific concept as a result of the hacked emails discovery from East Anglia University in what became known as “Climategate” in which it was admitted that the scientists promoting the concept were cooking the books. Thus, “Climate Change” came into being. Now, man is responsible whenever there is a hail storm, snow storm, a tornado, etc. Any deviation in a “normal” weather pattern is due to man’s use of energy, particularly fossil fuels. Thus, the concept of Cap and Trade was born which would hand over all energy to a few enlightened men so that they could save the planet. Forget save the planet, the science does not support the fraud. Handing over the world’s economy based on pseudo science is the goal. The present crisis in California helps to establish the public “legitimacy” of this goal and will serve to convince the people to give up their property, their rights and their fortunes in order to save the Earth. It will work because how many people in the general population knows the difference between a control group and an experimental group?

    There is yet another reason connected to the evacuation of California at some point because of artificially caused drought. I have previously written about the Atzlan concept as well as the role that MECHA and La Raza’s have proudly stated as their intent to establish a new country entitled Atzlan. The concept has been in formal existence for over a decade. It is based on the premise that in 1848 the United States illegally provoked the Mexican War which resulted in the loss of the present American Southwest from the country of Mexico. The historical allegations by MECHA and La Raza are correct. However, most reasonable Americans see the solution as being more unreasonable than the war which led to the loss of land in the first place. Atzlan advocates call for the expulsion of people of European descent from this seven state area. At one time, I saw this as a race-baiting divide and conquer strategy intended to create an unnecessary rift between whites and Latinos. Now, I see this in an entirely different light. This is the beginning of the breakup of the United States under the North American Union and the SPP agreement signed by President George W. Bush.
    The initial Jade Helm map is match for the Atzlan map.
    Chemtrails and HAARP are responsible for the drought. However, this problem can fixed by a change in leadership and a discontinuance of the Air Force owning the weather programs.


    If I can find this two years ago, don’t you think that Trump already knows and this is the motivation for his wall?

    Trump just fired a shot over the bow of the UN and became a very legitimate candidate who is representing the people’s interest.

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