BAGHDAD: Iraq 's grid News - Minister of Oil Jabar Ali , and coffee, with the head and membersof the Committee on Energy parliamentary ways to improve the oil sector in the country. A statement by the Oil Ministry on Sunday said: "Laibi stressed that the Ministry of Oil ambitious plans and strategy for the advancement of the oil sector in Iraq by raising oil and gas production rates and patches export capacity as well as expand the national reserves of oil and gas that leads to the result that takes Iraq 's influential status it deserves in the Organization of petroleum exportingCountries and international forums. "He said the " next phase for all the oil and gas sector activities in Iraq will great development and high leaps in the areas of open doors to local and foreign investments and through the channels of participation and partial investment or total, stressing that the ministry has sought to activate the national effort in their companies and investthe accumulated experience in this area, praising achievements made ​​over the past years. "theminister expressed optimism the future of the oil and gas sector in Iraq in spite of the challenges faced by the country as a result of the financial crisis, Mnohna to the ministry 's ability to overcome obstacles and work on opening the door for investment in the oil and gas sector as reflected positively on the general budget of the country by providing them with additional financial resources. 
The minister said that "the goals of the ministry to reduce the import of oil derivatives by increasing domestic production capacity , " stressing gas investment as a main fuel for the operationof the production of electrical power plants rather than substance gasoline. To hear and coffee tothe opinions of thoughts, observations and proposals of the President and members of the Energy Committee in Parliament and promised to study and Tndejeha to apply on the ground in order toserve the country and its citizens, calling for the commission of parliamentary power to be supportive for the oil ministry through providing them with ideas and proposals that would thecountry and the service of citizens, stressing open a new page for joint action between theformations of the ministry and the Committee of the parliamentary power to overcome all obstacles for the country and the service of citizens.