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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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BREAKING: Debate Rules Just Released, Will Hillary Be Able To Do THIS?


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BREAKING: Debate Rules Just Released, Will Hillary Be Able To Do THIS?

Post by Lobo on Sun 25 Sep 2016, 3:14 pm

BREAKING: Debate Rules Just Released, Will Hillary Be Able To Do THIS?
Posted by Eric Whittle | Sep 23, 2016 | Breaking News

No Bathroom Breaks

No commercial breaks for Hillary’s health, The Drudge Report learned from a commission source. “There are no commercial breaks,” the source explained. “Period.” This means that the dozens of breaks and health concerns the Democratic nominee has suffered from on television won’t cut away for the entirety of the 90-minute debate. Health problems which Hillary officials have assured the public aren’t serious.
But that’s if she can even get to the debate. Hillary has cancelled several campaign events due to her “pneumonia”—or was it “heatstroke”? Official reports from her campaign have claimed both.
Assuming she does make it to the debate, there’s another hurdle she will have to get over; standing. The debate commission has stated that both candidates will have to stand for the first two debates, no exceptions, but the third ‘seating arrangement’ has yet to be announced. This may be a problem for her. At several of the events where she wasn’t coughing—and some where she was—Hillary was seated on padded chairs adorned with pillows.

Hillary Would Like Having Someone Else Do Her Work
No pillow-chair sitting, 90-minutes of standing, and no commercial breaks. It’s not looking too good for her.

If all of that works out, Hillary will have not cancelled the event, made it all the way up to the podium without collapsing from “pneumonia-heatstroke,” stood on a step stool, and remained there for an hour and a half—she’s not out of the woods yet.
But that’s just fine, no problem for Healthy Hillary Clinton. Up there on her stool, Donald Trump next to her – they’re ready to debate. Trump looks to his side for a brief moment to gauge her energy (most likely low) and stamina (most likely non-existent), and confirms that she’s unfit to be president. Hillary returns the look. From her stool, scans her eyes over to the 6’2” Trump—and then her left eye just keeps on going.

“Crooked” Hillary
“Her eyes did not always move in the same direction at the same time. It appears that she has a problem with her left sixth cranial nerve,” Dr. John Coppedge explained.
That’s fine, she doesn’t need to look right at Republican nominee Donald Trump to debate him. Hillary Clinton can simply debate Trump with one eye on him and the other on America’s future.
Unless she can’t talk. Due to coughing fits. Lots and lots of coughing fits.
If Clinton has one of her “short circuits”, the entire duration of it will be aired. The presidential hopeful has had several of these little episodes throughout her campaign. During a Labor Day campaign even, she coughed for nearly four and half minutes straight. When finished with her choking marathon, Hillary quipped “when I talk about Trump I get allergic.”
Is that so? If she gets “allergic” just talking about Trump, then anaphylactic shock is probable when she has to debate the Donald—we can only speculate.
But never fear, Hillary has a special kind of water to aid her; thickened water.” It’s used by people with swallowing problems. Problems such as Parkinson’s, Stroke sufferers, and Alzheimer’s. The Clinton camp hasn’t confirmed nor denied how many of these she has—could be none, or it could be all of them and then some.

Another Clinton Presidency Would Be Harder To Swallow
The day has been saved it looks like. Nothing can stop Hillary Clinton when she has to stand on a step stool for 90-minutes so long as “thickened water” is around.
Unless she has another one of those unexpected bathroom breaks like the one from the Democratic primary debates, where she left abruptly and was late returning to the stage.
The point is, if any of those problems mentioned above happens – even just one – Hillary Rodham Clinton’s chances of becoming President will be eviscerated. This is why politicians need to be forthcoming and honest with the public. Democrats like to play the victim card, but it couldn’t be played this time. A President has to be seen as strong, healthy, and mentally sound. None of those things can be claimed of a candidate who needs help walking up the stairs, has unknown health problems, and acts erratically on a consistent basis.
Because of these problems, Hillary’s cancelled campaign events became too numerous. So far, her husband Bill Clinton and the President of the United States have campaigned for her. Despite her only having done so few press conferences that they could be counted with one hand, Hillary still needed the help of a former President, and the sitting President – the latter would be her nickname if she somehow managed to claw her way into the Oval Office.
But Donald Trump has been, and will continue to, halt, reverse, and negate her progress by simply speaking. He’s been flying all over the country in Trump Force One since his campaign kicked into high gear after the primaries, making stops in two or three different states in a single day. When he’s done with the formal events, he goes home and uses social media for outreach. For twenty hours a day Donald Trump has been getting his message out, proving that he is driven, capable, and, most of all, healthy.

Pictured: A Strong Leader
The only choice Hillary has at this point, to make the debates at least a little more comfortable for her, is to work something out with Donald Trump – to make a deal. He’s stated several times that he would love to debate without a moderator, “like the Lincoln—Douglas debate.” But there’s a problem for Hillary there, too. Trump only makes the “best deals.” He “wins so much” we’re “going to get tired of winning,” and then we’re going to “win some more.”
On September 26th, her stool, thickened water, and padded pillows won’t be there to help. She’ll have to debate one way or the other, or cough her way out of Presidential history.

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