BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq revealed a member of the legal committee of parliamentary Hassan Turan, Wednesday, for a deficit in the operating budget in terms of salaries of state employees up to two billion dinars, pointing out that the Government informed the parliament by its inability to pay salaries for the months of November and December of next year Turan . he said in an interview today: " the next text from the government on a long - term employees leave text was acceptable and can pass smoothly , " noting that " the Finance Committee worked hard and often separated material, prompting the House of Representatives to the refusal . " he added that "the original proposal for the law required and the Finance Committee to come by and presented again to vote, "noting that " we are in financial distress and we have agreements with the international Monetary Fund to reduce the deficit and operational expenses . "He continued," the government told us that it has two billion payroll deficit will not be able in November and December Monthly cover the first of the next year in terms of employees ' salaries , "pointing out that" five - year vacation will help the government in reducing the deficit . "He called Turan political blocs to" assist the government through the end of financial distress by reducing operational costs and pass the five - year leave of being one of the most important the means to achieve this . "the House of Representatives voted in its meeting held Sunday (4 December 2016), to reject the article on leave for a long - term employees within the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2017.okan front pratha Sheikh Jalaluddin al - Saghir mosque has repeatedly stressed during Friday sermons that the state is unable to pay employees ' salaries , but the government and some political leaders who claimed otherwise, but now after the government reached an impasse admitted its inability to pay salaries.