BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday that his country would give the Syrians and Iraqi nationality Refugees Turkish, in addition to providing jobs for Hm.oukal Erdogan , in a televised address today: " The Interior Ministry is currently working, and within this framework work, will be awarded some Syrians and Iraqis , our nationality, after doing the investigations necessary . "He added," there are people of high caliber owners, engineers, lawyers, doctors Let 's take advantage of them instead of leaving them working illegally, give them the opportunity to work as citizens, with the people of this nation ".olm Turkish President determines when it will take the initiative, but said that" the Ministry of Interior are ready to take this step at any time " . According to figures from Ankara, there are more than 3 million Syrians and Iraqis have fled their country to Trkiya.okan President Turkey put forward a draft "granted Turkish citizenship" last summer, which led to demonstrations rejected it, and the spread of anti comments foreigners on networking Alajtmai.oaattabrt political opposition is maneuvering to expand the electoral base of President, when he wants constitutional reforms controversial pass, in order to strengthen his powers at the put through Astvta.ottzamn Erdogan 's remarks with a disorder of relations between Turkey and the European Union since the failed coup last July, and the subsequent purges wide Alntaq.oukal Turkish president during the speech joked, "Look to the Western .. they are quick to perform calculations when it comes to the reception of 100 300 or 500 refugees. "