Chamber of Industry in the province of Basra warned on Saturday of the deterioration of industrial projects against the background of granting customs exemptions for certain types of Jordanian products, while the Iraqi government demanded support of the private industrial sector. 

The head of the Chamber of Industry in the province Majid Rashk said in an interview for Alsumaria News, "The agreements concluded between the Iraqi and Jordanian governments included an unfair decision to the private industrial sector in Iraq related to the granting of customs exemptions for 371 commodities, and this decision will paralyze industrial activities, In general, "noting that" some Iraqi industrialists have been thinking seriously to close their factories in Iraq and establish factories in JordanTaking advantage of the facilities related to the import of raw materials and customs exemptions when exporting goods to Iraq, and one of the industrialists ahead of his peers and shut down his plant in preparation for the establishment of a similar plant in Jordan

The Chairman of the Chamber pointed out that "most of what concerns us as industrialists is the lack of full commitment to the list of goods exempt from customs duties, as we expect the introduction of various types of goods to Iraq, including non-Jordanian goods bearing the words (Made in Jordan)," adding that "businessmen from Different nationalities are expected to come to Jordan and establish factories and export their products to Iraq, while the Iraqi government to grant more facilities for the implementation of such projects inside Iraq. " 

For his part, said one of the industrial investors in Basra, Hadi Abboud said in an interview for Alsumaria News, "The decision to exempt some types of Jordanian goods from customs duties does not revive the economy of Jordan or Iraq as much as useful some traders who will come in various kinds of Chinese goods and pass them to Iraq from During Jordan, "saying that" the decision is a shocking form of shock to the majority of Iraqi industrialists, and are at a loss of what is now. "

"It is unreasonable to exempt certain types of Jordanian products imported from customs duties and impose customs duties on Iraqi industrialists when importing raw materials," said Abboud, director of a large local factory for the production of plastic pipes.

The industrial sector was active until the early 1980s, but it suffered a setback after the second Gulf War in 1991 due to the economic siege which it suffered. The industrial private sector recovered during the 1990s due to the forced dependence on national production. Thousands of factories and workshops emerged during this period, but most of them stopped production after 2003 amid the lack of support. Government, the growth of imports without strict quality control, and the non-activation of laws supporting national industries.

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