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Housing loans and complex building help ease housing crisis


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Housing loans and complex building help ease housing crisis Empty Housing loans and complex building help ease housing crisis

Post by rocky on Sat 22 Feb 2020, 10:18 am

Housing loans and complex building help ease housing crisis

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Housing loans and complex building help ease housing crisis 
Baghdad/ Farah al-Bat 
The housing crisis is a "difficult issue to come to an end" for many reasons, most notably population growth and rising prices for house purchases and construction, but recent measures and moves, including the distribution of loans and the construction of complexes, have contributed well to alleviating it.  
Adequate accommodation
"The fund's measures to follow up on the investment of funds granted to citizens and direct them on the ground in new construction or restoration, helped thousands to find suitable housing for them," he said, noting "the importance of finding joint cooperation between the ministries of reconstruction, trade and industry to provide construction materials and other building materials to citizens at subsidized prices, which also contributes to supporting factories, factories and youth employment in this field."
Zidan called on the competent government agencies and the House of Representatives 
to increase housing fund allocations to increase the number of 
The amounts of loans granted, noting that construction loans need to be reviewed, especially 
If compared with high prices. 
The Housing Fund completed 2,097 lending transactions in Baghdad and the provinces in January.
Lending procedures
The fund said in a statement received by "Al-Sabah": "The competent committees in the Housing Fund continue to detect housing units in Baghdad and the provinces, where the number of disclosure committees for the past month in Baghdad reached 7 committees, an average of 409 lending transactions, and in the provinces 29 committees, an average of 1594 Lending transactions, in the number of exposed transactions of residential complexes at the rate of 94 lending transactions," he said, pointing out that there is an easy mechanism for citizens to apply on the loan and follow up the stages of the process of processing his transaction and where it reached by entering the housing fund website and filling out the electronic form for it, thus making it easier He has the trouble of coming to the fund's headquarters and branches in the provinces.
Zidan also noted the importance of housing projects that have been implemented or are in the process of being completed, noting that "these projects, including The City of Basmaya and other residential complexes in Baghdad and the provinces, had the lion's share in the decline of the housing crisis."
He urged the expert to "invest vast areas outside 
City centres in the construction of integrated complexes with the establishment of commercial centers, such as malls and recreational resorts 
or industrial centers to attract citizens to live in, which results in 
"Reducing the momentum in city centres." 
In this regard, the Ministry of Reconstruction, Housing and Public Municipalities confirmed the continuation of its supervisory work in 11 residential projects in several provinces as part of its investment plan to complete 5,734 housing units.
Project achievements
The ministry said that work is continuing and escalating the implementation of housing projects distributed in the provinces: (Wasit two residential complexes, Diwaniyah two residential complexes, Karbala holy one residential complex, Diyala one residential complex, Najaf al-Ashraf one residential complex, Basra two residential complexes, and Dhi Qar two residential complexes) and with varying completion rates, including near completion.
She explained in a statement received "Al Sabah", a copy of which, that approximately 5,269 apartments and 465 houses will be provided once these projects are completed with 
All its educational, commercial and service facilities, as well as service networks, green spaces, roads, etc., as the Department continues its efforts to find appropriate solutions with the companies implementing other housing projects to increase the number of housing units in it.

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