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Suspects Involved In ISIS Bombing Still At Large, Chilling New Evidence Shows Who They Are


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Suspects Involved In ISIS Bombing Still At Large, Chilling New Evidence Shows Who They Are

Post by Lobo on Mon 03 Oct 2016, 5:06 pm

Suspects Involved In ISIS Bombing Still At Large, Chilling New Evidence Shows Who They Are
Posted by Eric Whittle | Oct 2, 2016 | National Security

Ali and Radwan Out For A Stroll Towards a Bomb

In 2010, step-by-step instructions for creating a bomb with a pressure cooker were published in Inspire magazine in an article titled “Make a Bomb in the Kitchen of your Mom”—literal translation. It has been documented that Inspire wants to create more “lone wolf” Jihadis to attack the United States and its allies.
It would seem that they’ve achieved their goal. From 2010—present, there have been several pressure cooker bombings. The two most famous being the Boston Marathon and Chelsea bombings. There was another bomb of the same type set to go off in New York in May of 2010, but it was unsuccessful. The bomb maker was sentenced to life in prison.
Last night, it was reported that on September 17th, two suspects were found on surveillance footage unpacking a pressure cooker bomb just after another bomb had left 29 people injured.
“Jane Schreibman, a 66-year-old photographer, called 911 after finding the pressure cooker device in front of her building,” Daily Mail reported.
Officials feel that this is merely coincidental. Which is fortunate for the two suspects, who got on board their Egypt Air flight and went back to Cairo, Egypt the next day.

More good news for the suspects, Ali and Radwan—Egypt Air Officials have also said that when they took the pressure cooker out of the bag, they may have “accidentally deactivated it.” What a stroke of luck. The situation could have been really bad if more people were injured by another bomb right after one had just gone off. Oh, and the suspects are security guards currently working for Egypt Air.

One Of The Egypt Air Officials
But it was very clear that the FBI was searching for anyone affiliated with the previous bombing, so it’s likely that any perpetrators would try to deactivate the bomb and flee back to their own country. That doesn’t at all sound like Ali and Radwan—not at all.
You see, Ali said that he merely happened to pass it and thought that the pressure cooker “looked nice,” according to Egypt Air officials, but didn’t want to take it with him back onto the plane, so he took the bag it was found in and left the pressure cooker.

Do You Think This Looks “Nice?”
Maybe I’m biased, but if I saw that inside of a bag, I wouldn’t take it out and set it on the sidewalk after “accidentally” deactivating it. What I would do is run away as fast as possible while dialing 911. Ali and Radwan aren’t like me. In fact, an official told the New York Times: “You know, we see things left on the street in New York all the time … stuff no one wants. It’s normal to take them.”
They were just bargain hunters, then? Ali and Radwan, two peas in a pod.
Now that we’re done with the dripping sarcasm, onto the part where this is absolutely the most ludicrous, shoddy, and plain negligent reporting every performed, and why the New York Times is disgraceful.
This isn’t a game of politics. Terrorism isn’t some kind of angle you can push towards the public. No, it isn’t possible for anyone to be understanding of tens-of-thousands being murdered by terrorists every year—that number is rising, by the way.
The New York Times purposefully made Ali and Radwan look not like potential suspects who should be held to the same standards as anyone else, but as innocent tourists who merely found a “nice” pressure cooker bomb and “accidentally” deactivated it.

Ali and Radwan With Their Spoils; A Bag
Since the NYT insists on being biased, insidious, snakes in the grass, the following words won’t give them or anyone involved the benefit of the doubt. This is the point things have gotten to. One publication and writer declares innocence for anyone with a different skin color without due process—and that “official” didn’t give his name, coincidentally. By their own backwards and, yes, racist, rules, another writer must assume Ali and Radwan were guilty to maintain balance.
That writer is me; let’s begin.
An official who is entirely made up and won’t give his name has stated that Ali and Radwan came to the United States with the express purpose of detonating a bomb to possibly maim or injure Americans, and lots of them. The official in my head goes on to explain that the pressure cooker Ali and Radwan had found was left there by them earlier in the day. The pressure cooker may have been set to explode around the same time as the one that injured 29 people, but didn’t go off. Or, they got cold feet and didn’t want to be thrown in prison, so they deactivated it, took their precious bag, and fled back to Egypt.
Isn’t the above paragraph just a bit biased? Doesn’t it raise a few questions as to the validity of the claims?
Ali and Radwan, whether innocent or otherwise, could not be questioned by the FBI—they were already in another country. Yet miraculously, the New York Times happened upon someone who parroted the exact narrative they’d want pushed.

“Seeking Information,” Just Ask The New York Times; They Seem to Know a Lot
The only significant person who can officially be cited was New York’s counter-terrorism unit officer Jim Waters, who told ABC 7: “We have no reason to believe they’re connected” to the previous bombing.
That tells us nothing, and there is no way that claim could be made without first talking to the suspects. The only accounts of the two men were taken by Egypt Air themselves. They wouldn’t want to be caught up in a potential act of terrorism. No police, FBI, counter-terrorism unit or anyone talked to these two men, yet they’re walking free.
When they arrived in Cairo, Egyptian officials didn’t question them either, and their whereabouts are unknown. With all of these questions left unanswered, it is impossible for the New York Times—or anyone else—to substantiate the claims of someone who works for an airline.
If they want back into the United States, they’ll be let in unless properly vetted. Guess who wants to make that happen? Donald J. Trump, yet again. If he isn’t president, the American people will have to brace themselves for an influx of un-vetted immigrants.

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