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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Pictures .. Russian student cites internal her clothes to exonerate themselves from the charge of jo


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Pictures .. Russian student cites internal her clothes to exonerate themselves from the charge of jo

Post by rocky on Wed 12 Oct 2016, 2:32 am

[ltr]Pictures .. Russian student cites internal her clothes to exonerate themselves from the charge of joining Daesh[/ltr]


Moscow-Iraq Press October -12: claimed a Russian student at the age of 20 years, that her clothes Erotic lingerie in her purse processed by the travels next to her boyfriend in organizing Daesh in Syria is evidence that they did not intend to travel to become a fighter or suicide.

The subject of the requesting superior Varvara Karolova, taught philosophy for trial in a military court in Moscow, after the suspicion of the Russian Federal Security Service apparatus, they had intended to join the Daesh to become suicidal.
Academic young high potential in the future is now threatened by imprisonment for ten years, for her involvement with jihadist Airat Samatov al Daesh, whom she married over the Internet Default wedding ceremony.
It is alleged that Varvara tried to join Daesh twice to be next to her boyfriend, but he grabbed her after leaving Moscow last year and is heading to Syria.
And arrested on the Turkish side of the Syrian border , along with 14 of the Russians are believed to have been recruited by Daesh.
Said Varvara advocate for themselves in a military court: "I am not a terrorist and certainly will not become as well, and when uttering the words of the suicide bombers, I do not know any words I choose. It is impossible to even listen to these things ... I did not join anything. "
However , the Prosecutor Mikhail Reznikhenko, accused of trying to join under the Daesh which consists mostly of Chechnya , the Badr Brigade. Saying: "include tasks entrants band Badr planning acts of sabotage and terrorism in Syria and the Russian Federation through suicide bombings."
He said the parents of Varvara, that their daughter had a "morbid fascination" of the Daesh Bhabibha, but they pointed outthat they believe that the Russian Federal Security Service dressed charge device.

Her mother Keira Karolova, he "brought with it a beautiful lingerie and stockings uniforms pool, did not need to be elegant lingerie? Does one go to war and with such baggage? Of course not, it is attended by women with them if she was going to meetthe man she loved. "
As for her father , Pavel Karolova, he recalled that his daughter did not pass a romantic experience prior to her marriage online Airat, who is believed to be a fictional character invented by a group of militants Daesh.
Said her father that their relationship was a conspiracy of Daesh, will result in the sale Varvara "Virgin Caucasian girl . " He added that " the price for the heads of our children are paying a lot of money, we are talking about tens and even hundreds ofthousands of dollars, and if the victim is a virgin from the Caucasus girl speaks several languages Andha- Although this seems Qaha- more than the price paid. "

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