BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq report to site Oil Price US revealed that investors in the field of global energy began looking to invest in Iraq 's oil despite the high risks and the war in the country , the report .ozkr today: " The investment in Iraq is important for several reasons . First and as He expressed by the US State Department that "Iraq represents an important investment in the long term , " based on his status largest oil depot in the world 's fifth, as well as the country 's needs for rebuilding the infrastructure mega his reconstruction, while the US State Department report noted that "American companies have the opportunities for investment in the field energy, security and the environment, construction , health care, agriculture and infrastructure . "He added that" this does not mean , of course , that investors are practically go to Iraq and risk their lives to buy oil platform but the investment can through the American companies will benefit in the long term , such as Fluor, Exxon Mobil and BP companies, of course, the stock in the defense fields considered a guarantee in the event of renewed fighting , where there will be a need for additional equipment like helicopters from Lockheed Martin or aircraft missiles from Raytheon Americas Corporation . "He continued that" investors need to buy stakes in Iraq and in non - performing sectors in particular, but investment world needs to be patient and give time horizon is long and if they do so will benefit significantly and wonderful after that. "