BAGHDAD ( Reuters
) - Saudi Arabia's deputy attorney general Saud said on Thursday that the kingdom would soon bring corruption suspects to the country from abroad, stressing that there was no immunity for anyone in the campaign. 

"The number of detainees who refused the settlement is very low," the admirer revealed in a press interview with the Saudi magazine al-Ja'al on Thursday. "Those who have been proven to be involved in corruption cases will face a fair trial according to the regulations. Investigation and trial phases ".

"The evidence and evidence will be gathered in relation to them and they will be issued an indictment that meets all the requirements will be directed to the counterparty in the country from which the person is to be recovered," he said. 

"Corruption cases are not only about money, but abuse of power, exploitation of power and waste of public money," said the admirer, who himself handles the ongoing investigations with the eminent princes, ministers and businessmen. 

The admirer pointed out that "the public prosecution can claim any person," explaining that "law and order do not differentiate between the claim of a person ordinary or legal, and that no immunity to anyone except the text of the system on them, and take them the formal procedures that explained how to deal with them In case of flagrante delicto and suspicion. "