Baghdad / Iraq News Network confirmed the Liberal bloc in the House of Representatives member Majed al - Gharawi, Thursday, that the Sadrist movement has close ties with the Islamic Dawa Party, and among the general secretary of the party , Nuri al - Maliki does not represent them. He Ghraoui in a press statement today: " The aim of the visit the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr in Baghdad to resolve some outstanding issues and the task pertaining to the interest of the country and especially in the post - regulation Daesh terrorist and the liberalization of the city of Mosul , " pointing to "the existence of an atmosphere charged and differences in all the political blocs and not only in the National Alliance. " He added that " al- Sadr said what happened from the events in Basra during a visit by Nouri al - Maliki, where the target of this thing chest that is not the Dawa Party , Maliki is not represented , " noting that "the existence of close ties between the Sadrists and the Dawa Party , as much as there are leaders of national and well - known personalities Party. " He pointed out that " the Sadrist movement is an essential part of the National Alliance, and made it clear during the meeting Balebadi pending settlement project problems and emphasized the need to be a community , not political , " stressing " the need not to be a settlement between the blocs or political figures because it means the Iraqi people and not blocs. " And that "politicians disagree and debating between now and then , and they meet in special conferences and meetings but the Iraqi people need to this settlement through their feeling that the government found that represents all Iraqis through the results on the ground , such as liberalizing the cities and re - displaced persons and services and all the things that would enhance the right of citizenship and coexistence peaceful between shades of the Iraqi society. " This is the second time that a surprising cleric Moqtada al - Sadr , everyone hold meetings with unexpected views were in the ranks of his opponents. Sadr has held a rare meeting with the leaders of the popular crowd two months ago, at his home in Najaf, to close over disagreements with other factions. After months of protests and harsh criticism of the performance of the government, political parties and the quota system was held last Monday, to meet with a surprise center of the Green Zone , which stormed Sadr 's supporters twice last summer.