Baghdad / Iraq News Network confirmed the cleric Moqtada al - Sadr, Aleomsbt, the need to continue the demonstrations as " an honorable and civilized . " He said Sadr 's office said in a statement today: The last "received the coordinating committee supervising the reform demonstrations today, at his home in Najaf "He stressed the chest , according to the statement, the" peaceful demonstrations and continuity of the image that reflects the bright image of a civilized people of Iraq for the purpose of reaching the desired goals in the removal of corruption and the corrupt and justice to the oppressed and preserve the rights of our people dear to all factions , and its components . " for his part praised the committee members to" take care of Sadr reform Permanent and its emphasis on maintaining the spirit and parental symbolic home and stay away from the narrow factional interests that stand in the way of comprehensive reform sought by the sons of our beloved country through peaceful demonstrations. "