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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Wed 07 Jun 2017, 2:05 am

The world in 24 hours

Damascus , the
Syrian army enters the province of Raqqa
- The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the Syrian army entered the province of Raqqa on Tuesday and grabbed control of two villages organized Daesh in progress coincides with the start of the US - backed attack on the city of Raqqa.
The progress of the Syrian - backed army from Russia and factions allied with him towards the province of tenderness from the neighboring province of Aleppo , where the Syrian forces seized control of large tracts of land from the Islamic state this year. The two villages are located , which Antzaahma army are Khirbet Mohsen and experience seven , about 80 kilometers from the city of Raqqa and seven kilometers south of the main road linking Aleppo tenderness. Democratic forces of Syria is leading the US - backed campaign to control the tenderness. Democratic forces and Syria is a coalition units to protect the Kurdish people. In May , the Syrian government described the Kurdish war on the Islamic state as legitimate and said that the army 's priority is Deir al - Zour controlled by Daesh and the desert on the border with Jordan and Iraq in a sign that the government does not intend to challenge the US - backed campaign to control the city of Raqqa.

Australian Prime Minister: Siege of Melbourne «terrorist attack»
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull yesterday (Tuesday) , said that the police are dealing with the siege in the city of Melbourne as a «terrorist act», after the announcement of the organization (Daesh) that one of its fighters responsible for the incident . He explained Turnbull said police killed Jacob Khairy , 29, an Australian of Somali assets yesterday, after a woman held hostage inside an apartment building in Melbourne, the second largest Australian city.
Ashton stated that «charity, has a criminal record and the time of the attack was released under parole», but did not specify the charges related to the case that charity got parole from them. He continued: « the evidence collected by the police after a raid a house for a charity he lived with his mother indicated that he acted alone and more likely that the threat of this attack ended».
He added that «charity arranged to meet with the women in the building in the seaside suburb of Brighton in Melbourne, then one of the workers were killed upon arrival».
After the detention of women hostage for several hours, a charity fired upon leaving the building on fire , police opened fire and killed him. Police rescued women without causing them harm. Abizaid and Turnbull: «This terrorist attack committed by a criminal Marov..rgel got parole recently .. but it is a horrible and cowardly crime». He added: «It is a terrorist attack and stresses the need to remain vigilant and not a never deter us, and raise the banner of the challenge is always in the face of extremist terrorism».

Mayor of London responded to Trump
confirmed London Mayor Sadiq Khan Monday that he would not let "Donald Trump sow division in our societies , " after accusing the US president through Twitter disregard terrorist threat.
The mayor said the Muslim network BBC "Some feeds of discord and division. We will not let Donald Trump sow division in our communities" after the attack Saturday night in the British capital.
And also told Sky News , " I do not have time to respond to @ Donald Trump," he said . "I have the right things better and more important I'm interested in."
Trump reiterated Monday his criticism of the mayor of London , Sadiq Khan , the second time in 48 hours that followed the terrorist attack in the British capital.
Trump wrote "sexy pathetic excuse from London Mayor Sadiq Khan , who had to find a quick explanation for his statement + No need to worry +. The traditional media is working hard to market this novel." Khan was referring to his statement that the presence of large numbers of police in London , while Trump interpreted as underestimating the terrorist threat.
Khan told the BBC the day after the London bombings , "you will see widespread enhanced police today, including armed police officers and others in uniforms" and called for calm. He said , "There is no need to worry about this."
Trump was quick to accuse the mayor of London , by undermining the terrorist threat. He wrote in a tweet , "seven killed at least 48 injured in a terrorist attack and the mayor of London , says , " I do not have to worry. "

Riyadh ,
Saudi authorities arrested activist defending women's right to leadership ,
Amnesty International said that the activist claim the rights of Saudi women driving, Jane Hathloul, was arrested by Saudi authorities again. arrested Hathloul 73 days in 2014 because he was driving a private car in a challenge to prevent Saudi women 's car driving. I tried Hathloul driving her car and entering the Kingdom across the border with the UAE. There is nothing in the Kingdom of law prohibiting the letter of women from leadership bi Rat, but the Ministry of Interior responsible for granting driving licenses to refrain from issuance for women. The organization stressed that the authorities did not allow Hzlol contact with any of her family members or lawyers.
And demanded allow iron from Amnesty International , the Saudi authorities for the immediate release Hathloul and stop "harassment of unjustified exposed her. "she said grace:" it seems that the Saudi authorities aimed at Hathloul because of peaceful activities in defense of human rights and the rights of women claim that consistently prevents the Kingdom. " The Saudi authorities did not announce the reasons for the arrest Hathloul in Dammam International Airport , but it is expected to be transferred to the capital , Riyadh , to be subject to investigation. The Hathloul first woman asking to run in local elections Saudi Arabia in 2015 , although authorities did not add her name to the list Almarchan.ccant election in 2015 is the first in which Saudi Arabia allows women to vote.

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