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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Owners of banks and exchange offices are critical of thepolicy of the Central Bank


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Owners of banks and exchange offices are critical of thepolicy of the Central Bank

Post by rocky on Mon 27 Jan 2014, 3:09 pm

Owners of banks and exchange offices are critical of the policy of the Central Bank

Today at 1:39 pm

Baghdad: fortune teller news network-dealers criticized in the buying and selling of the dollar the way that Central Bank selling dollars and in accordance with the opinion of some specialists in economic affairs that the Central Bank did not follow in the his legal and monetary, financial and economic right in the process of selling the dollar, since the sale of the dollar must be conducted by auction or at least selling price from the State,The purchase must take place with the auction as being in the world, when you drop a coin in the banks to sell part of its hard currency in Exchange for local currency, and when the currency will improve banks currency purchase market for Argus only local currency, but a strategic error that the Central Bank failed to auction but introduced the dollar downward prices which had the tender processProgressive instead of bidding, that the Bank speculation and manipulation of the dollar in the foreign exchange market for companies and banks instead of carrying fraudulent bidding process of real dollars to withdraw liquidity from the market, leading to disastrous results, the national central banks in the world to intervene in the market only when the rise or fall of the local currency but not serve these banks in the world to sell the work Latvian hard daily quantities of fictional prices regressive to the dollar.

There is of seeing specialists that deal and the Central Bank have no any idea or knowledge in dealing with banks or even exchange offices now have complained to authorities because of financial penalties or graphics without taking into account the constitutional accord in several articles by profession profession with its own domain. a number of bankers and merchants and private business owners and holders of the offices of theThey criticized the banking mechanisms and decisions of the Central Bank in dealing with them and some foreign companies which reside in Baghdad over Iraqi offices privileges although the stocks of foreign companies is very low relative to what is imposed on companies and private banks. one of the owners of companies private banking says: "one of the most important obstacles experienced by his company are the subject of a fine where prejudice against him, and the amount of the fine up25 million due to the delay of the quarterly disclosures. owner Al Anwar Ahmed SADI: "I know I have such statements did I receive any book from the Iraqi Central Bank to claim them, because I will pay the amounts involved and the large amount of love so." explains: when there is an auction of the Bank requires to provide the customer's passport when the view they so is telling there is thus presented a passport and I wonder how I know emThe person who submitted the Passport, and the wrong policy right and the names will be repeated and we as lanstita companies that dominate so things.

"former Iraqi Central Bank Mudar Mohammed Saleh said: banking policy in Kurdistan differ from Baghdad to the territory since the nshaeth began the steps correct Bank and hasn't used the policy of the Central Bank of Iraq is bad, when the territory was administered by new and established policiesTeh bank with them, this is the true worth of world heritage æìíåäç æáçääóì çáôíî that the territory was far away since 1992 and isolated from CBI policy therefore considers that the territorial policy Bank better than Baghdad. ", says Chairman of the Board of the ladies in Iraq hope Hussein: that not subtract from the problems and concerns the obstacles as banking and especially the theme leave exchange offices, while there are large frozen funds have CBI, and solutions must be found to unlock, and you must specify a time period for the exploitation These achievements help to promote the economic reality of the country

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