, Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and Oil Minister Thamer Abbas Ghadban , Wednesday, supporting the government and the Oil Ministry for the work of the Transparency Initiative for the extractive industries in Iraq . 

Al-Ghadhban told a press conference held by the initiative to review its annual report that Iraq is fully committed to all the necessary measures and activities that support Iraq's continuation of the work of the initiative and end its suspension and meet all the requirements of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.

He added that "we are serious about providing the real information related to the work and activities of the Ministry of extractive and export to all international organizations concerned and to the Iraqi public and the global, pointing to the guidance to the Iraqi oil companies to adhere to all standards required for the initiative and provide information to the media through the dissemination of data through the website of the ministry . 

He said the minister, we announce the full transparency of our activities for contractual or financial operations relating to the export of crude oil and liquid gas and condensate, especially that the Ministry of oil provides more than 90% of revenues biolo NH General country through the export of crude oil.

The Minister pointed out that the export of crude oil and the pricing of the Iraqi nipples are carried out in accordance with a professional system in the presence of the oil minister and the relevant agents and the inspector general and the director of the marketing company and those concerned with the company and set prices for the next month and we do not have suspicious deals as promoted by some, calling the Energy Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives as well as members The initiative to attend meetings on pricing and allocation to see the mechanisms used in the marketing of Iraqi oil. 

For his part, said the Executive Director of Iraq's representative in the initiative of transparency for extractive industries " Alaa Rasool Mohiuddin" that the initiative prepared its annual report for 2016, which included the total revenues from the extractive sector of the Ministry of Oil and the quantities produced from crude oil and exports for the same year.

The Transparency Initiative is an international organization aimed at promoting the transparency of government revenue derived from natural resources and determining the principle of accountability in the countries concerned, he said, adding that the initiative issued its report for 2016 on December 24, 2018 according to the criteria of the initiative. 

The Council of the Transparency Initiative for Extractive Industries before Iraq is a member of the initiative in January 2010 The first report was published in December 2011 and on December 12, 2012 was declared Iraq as a country compatible with the initiative.