Baghdad / network News of Iraq - The victory coalition headed by Haider al-Abadi, on Sunday, the interruption of contacts between the latter and Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, while confirming his continued support of the government, pointed out that the choice of the opposition is still early. The leader of the coalition Jassem al-Olawi in a statement, Between the President of the coalition of victory Haidar Abadi and Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, a truncated, "referring to" the footnote of Abdul Mahdi. "Alawi said," There is a state of resentment of the policies of Abdul Mahdi within the components of the Alliance of reform because of his dealings with blocks without others mean and the opening "Stressing that" the coalition of victory is still "As for the leaks that talked about the existence of a written message from Abdul Mahdi to some of the parties to the reform alliance by involving them in the government, explained Olawi that" there was no message in the sense of the message, but there are mutual contacts between these parties. "He noted that" On the go to the opposition to the lack of clarity of vision according to political data, "stressing at the same time that" the option to go to the opposition is strongly proposed, and we are ready to play the key role in the formation of the opposition and the adoption of the national project to save the political process. "