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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    The American Dollar is Dumping Vietnam


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    The American Dollar is Dumping Vietnam Empty The American Dollar is Dumping Vietnam

    Post by Neno Thu 22 May 2014, 5:16 pm

    The American Dollar is Dumping Vietnam
    May 16, 2014
    And Why That’s A Good Thing
    By JC Collins

    The American Dollar is Dumping Vietnam China-rig

    Not long after landing in Vancouver and leaving the airport we came upon a small protest along Granville Street.  Vietnamese Canadians held signs demanding that China stop the invasion of their homeland.   There was a lameness about it as no one appeared to care or give it much attention.  In fact, there was a level of irritation over the slowing of traffic and blocking of local business.

    We were in Vancouver for the 2014 Canadian Institute of Mining Convention.  Every year the mining industry in Canada gets together to share technological advancements and industry knowledge.  The CIM attracts national leaders and businesses from within Canada and abroad.

    This year there was a strong contingent of Chinese businesses looking for national distribution of their products and services.  They stuck together in one area of the convention and didn’t seem to attract much attention outside of the odd curious passerby. They were very cheerful and welcoming to those who ventured within speaking distance.

    My interaction with them was very friendly and kind.  They left a happy impression.

    The Chinese have developed everything from large mining shovels to underground mining equipment.  The quality of some of the products was obviously lacking.  But the drive to succeed and improve was evident.  There is a level of enthusiasm about them that the western mind has seemed to have forgotten.

    All success begins with enthusiasm.

    This is the same drive and determination which the Vietnamese have shown in their push to modernize and rebuild their country after the Vietnam War.

    In the post Why the Vietnamese Dong Will Reset we covered this drive and the strategies which Vietnam utilized to export products and services under constant U.S. sanctions.  But there is more to the story.

    It is encouraged in the western world to say that the United States lost the war in Vietnam.  Though the media presents the so-called facts as a withdrawal, the slant in presentation along with the manufactured alternative medias proclamations of American defeat are clear.

    Like other areas of economics and geopolitics which we discuss here, defining wars in simplistic terms of winning and losing is nonsensical and detrimental to a full understanding of current and historical events.  Wars are never about winning or losing but about gain.

    Since two cavemen fought with sticks over a water source, no war has ever been fought for ideological or humanitarian reasons. Every war in the history of the world has been over economics.  It is recognized that economics are an extension of the human survival instinct.

    The Vietnam War was about the hunt for WW2 gold and the securing of resources.  Based on this filter, the United States got exactly what it wanted from the war.

    It is common knowledge for most readers that the U.S. dropped the dollars anchor to gold in 1971 so they could continue printing more fiat currency.  It is also common knowledge that the creation of the petrodollar also facilitated this process.

    So with the Paris Agreement on January 27, 1973, during the time period when the petrodollars status was being secured, the American congress cut funding to South Vietnam, in essence handing them over to the North.  The last American troops left Vietnam on Mar 29, 1973.  Saigon finally fell to the North on April 30, 1975.

    So what was it about the Paris Agreement which encouraged congress to cut funding to the south?

    Securing the status of the petrodollar was accomplished by forcing or getting all energy exporting countries to sell their energy in dollars.  North Vietnam was heavy in coal and the off-shore oil fields still needed to be further developed.  The Paris Agreement covered both the coal and oil exporting capabilities of Vietnam and ensured that exports would be completed in U.S. dollars.  This was the goal of the American interests which encouraged the war from the beginning.

    North Vietnam sold out to the dollar in return for gaining political control over the South.  Communism was never the real threat, but only the manufactured “problem” component of the Hegelian Dialectic.  Ideologies were designed and used that way intentionally.   It has been so since the French Revolution.

    Since the fall of Saigon, energy production in Vietnam has increased by 10% annually.  All sold in U.S. dollars. Though there have been variations in Vietnams energy exports over the years, they still remain one of the most pro-American countries in Asia.  The dollar is primarily used within Vietnam as the dong has been intentionally devalued by the State Bank of Vietnam to encourage an influx of American inflation.

    The fact that China is now setting up an oil rig in Vietnams Economic Zone is very telling of the move away from the dollars reserve status and towards a multilateral reserve currency system.   As reported previously, Vietnam has been slowly and quietly decreasing their dollar reserves and increasing their SDR reserves.

    Like in the Ukraine, the Hegelian Dialectic is also playing out in the South Pacific.  When we see China sending naval ships to secure and enforce its position in the new and emerging paradigm, and no response from America other than “we take no position on China’s disputes in the China sea“, how are we to interpret that when displaced by the obvious contradiction being displayed in the Ukraine?

    The American Dollar is Dumping Vietnam China-naval-ship

    The answer is because it is designed that way.  The stage drama is unfolding as planned and the end game is the removal of the dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency.

    Awhile back I stated that Russia is playing the bad guy and China is quietly left out of the negative media game because it will facilitate the positive component of the transition to the SDR system.  This is exactly what can be inferred from the constant negative portrayal of Russia over the Ukraine and the dismissive American response to China’s moves against Vietnam.

    When I first started this blog I wrote in the SDR’s and New Bretton Woods series that we would see more national protests and civil unrest as the system transitions.  This Hegelian Dialectic component is required in order to move the minds of the masses in the desired direction.

    Each area in the world where there is tension and unrest are areas where American dollar interests are attempting to maintain a foot hold or areas where those interests are being pushed out to make room for the multilateral reserve SDR.

    Most of the readers here have already caught on to the fact that the IMF loan to Ukraine was paid in SDR’s as opposed to the traditional IMF loan denominated in dollars.  We can also expect to see more of that as well.

    Many opponents of what I present here in regards to the SDR system make the case that the BRICS countries will never accept the American dominated institutions of the IMF, BIS and World Bank.  These are not American institutions.  They are institutions which were created to control and expand the dollar debt system.  These institutions have controlled the United States and any other country which used dollars.

    Many times already I have stated that the Bank for International Settlements controls all the central banks in the world.  This includes the central banks of the BRICS countries.  No BRICS bank is going to exist outside of the structure of the new multilateral system.  All will be consolidated and centralized.

    With each passing week America becomes more isolated from its traditional allies.  Europe is looking less likely to support American sanctions on Russia, and even France is going ahead with a ship deal with Russia.  China, the voice of reason suddenly, is stating their opposition to “unproductive sanctions”.

    Russia and China are on the verge of announcing a massive energy trade deal which will put the final touches on the dollars removal from its reserve status.  A “substantial statement” is expected from the two countries during meetings in Shanghai on May 20 and 21.

    During meetings at the CIM in Vancouver with large mining contractors and mine operators the general consensus is that commodity prices have to increase in order for there to be a recovery in the international mining industry.  It is expected that a large tech company, say a Twitter, will see a dramatic collapse of its overvalued stock and the money which has poured into the new tech bubble will flee into the more secure investments which actually produce something of real value, say like mining and commodities.

    But what will it take for commodity prices to increase?
    There seemed to be a complete unawareness of the dollars current precarious situation and the emergence of a multilateral SDR system.  The western world is still stuck in the dollar mindset.

    New energy trade deals will blaze the trail away from the dollar and towards the SDR system, after a short stop in regional currencies.

    One day soon the western world will awaken to the news that oil transactions are now being completed in rubles, yuan, or whatever is agreed upon between two countries, or groupings of countries.  It will be a mess for awhile until the SDR is presented as the solution to the manufactured problem.

    When the commodities of the world are priced in SDR’s the international mining industry will surge and become recapitalized. Until then we will watch as the stage drama continues to unfold.  Public opinion is being masterfully manufactured.

    America is signalling its intent to allow Vietnam to be sucked into the Chinese orbit.  They dumped dollar inflation into Vietnam and now they are dumping Vietnam itself.

    And this is a good thing for the people of Vietnam.
    After the transition is complete, Vietnam will be even more economically viable as their own currency moves to the forefront of their international energy agreements.  The M1 money supply of the dong, as discussed in the New Exchange Rate System,  will be consolidated under an SDRM – Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism – and the remaining supply will be anchored to the SDR at an exchange rate which will benefit the Vietnamese people and their economy.

    The American dollar is dumping Vietnam and that’s a good thing. -JC

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