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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Why do the pro-Iranian forces feel the "panic" of choosing Zarfi?


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forces - Why do the pro-Iranian forces feel the "panic" of choosing Zarfi? Empty Why do the pro-Iranian forces feel the "panic" of choosing Zarfi?

Post by rocky on Thu 26 Mar 2020, 2:21 am

Why do the pro-Iranian forces feel the "panic" of choosing Zarfi?

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Why do the pro-Iranian forces feel the "panic" of choosing Zarfi?

 03/25/2020 10:39:06

Shafaq News / Arab newspapers, paper and electronic, discussed the obstacles facing the Iraqi Prime Minister-designate Adnan Al-Zarfi in the way of forming a new government in the country.
Some writers believe that the reason for the division of political forces over the nomination of Zarfi came as a result of the difference in loyalty of a number of the main Shiite forces in the country between Iran and America.
While another group believes that the Shiite forces are considering their own interests and fear that the next government may try to hold them accountable.
Iraq has seen demonstrations against the government since last October. These ongoing protests have so far pushed Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to submit his resignation nearly two months after the start of the demonstrations.
The "worst case" of the Iraqi Shiite house
"The conflict may continue between the Shiite forces in Iraq over the position of Prime Minister until the middle of this year, unless it is decided in an unexpected way, and perhaps whoever will settle it will be outside the game called the political process," said Bahera Al-Sheikhly in the London Arab newspaper.
The writer added: "The strange thing is that the camp we call a Shiite divided itself into two loyalties, one of which is for America and the other is for Iran, and each section lends its brother its loyalty, because the pro-Americans want to exploit the Iraqi hatred of Iranian influence in their country and the devastation, killing and extermination that they brought to them, while the pro-Iran wants to invest The anti-Americanism of the Americans, which invaded and occupied their country and created chaos and created ruin in all aspects. "
And she continued: "Any candidate for the post of prime minister will collide with the widespread popular rejection, as happened with Zarfi, whose mandate was contrary to the standards and attributes set by the protest and sit-in arenas."
In the same vein, Khaled Alaiwi Al-Ardawi sees in the Iraqi newspaper Al-Alam that "in the shadow of a changing Middle East, and new rules of play among its major players, the Shiite political house in Iraq seemed at its worst; it is living a very big stalemate. The change that is taking place, and he still thinks, or wants to delude himself that everything in the region as it was previously, denying, or ignoring the reality of being allowed - in some way - for himself to become a part of the pressure of others, and also allowed his country to become an arena for liquidation Their accounts. "
He added: "You find that what makes matters worse is the fragmentation of their political decision in a shameful manner, and their positions divided sharply when dealing with the main issues of their country at the local and international levels."
The writer continued: "Most of the division and conflict between the main Shiite forces in Iraq is due to the difference in their external loyalties and their frantic desire to gain more power and influence, the absence of exceptional leadership capable of bringing positions and imposing solutions, as well as the differences in their intellectual and ideological premises, the superiority of many and the lack of their sense and awareness To the needs of its people and transformations of its environment: local and regional, and perhaps - also - because many of its leaders are involved in files and issues that the law is accountable for. "
The "panic" of the pro-Iranian powers
Hamid Al-Kafaei, in the Voice of Iraq newspaper, asks: “Why did the Iraqi armed political forces loyal to Iran panic from the commissioning of Adnan Al-Zarfi to form the government? In the Shiite alliance, and the governor of the most important religious province they visit and claim affiliation. "
And the author replied: "Through a quick review of the history of these people, we know that they have never met for a national interest, but they meet, coordinate and cooperate to preserve their interests and the interest of Iran that sponsors and supports them. They fear that the next government, especially if it is internationally backed, will hold them accountable and reveal their thefts and crimes rightly." Iraqis and the disintegration of their militias through which they managed to control Iraq. "

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