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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Portugal Refuses to Allow Elected Politicians to Take Office


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Portugal Refuses to Allow Elected Politicians to Take Office

Post by Lobo on Sun 25 Oct 2015, 12:26 pm

Portugal Refuses to Allow Elected Politicians to Take Office

Posted on October 25, 2015 by Martin Armstrong

epa04989908 Portuguese president Anibal Cavaco Silva addresses the nation, when he is expected to name caretaker prime minister Pedro Passos Coelho to form a new government, at Belem Palace, in Lisbon, Portugal, 22 October 2015. Passos Coelho’s center-right coalition won the most votes in an Oct. 4 general election but fell short of a majority in parliament. The opposition Socialists have pushed for an alternative government together with two far left parties. But, the president is likely to follow Portuguese political tradition and name the candidate whose party won the most votes to form a government. EPA/MANUEL DE ALMEIDA
COMMENT: Hi Marty,
I’m another Englishman who is an avid reader of your blog and am very much looking forward to your ECM conference material later this year. As a European pouring thorough the continental news we are definitely seeing a reinforcing cycle of breakdown in government over the past few weeks and months. It seems everything from the migrant crisis to independence movements to the Polish elections to the British E.U referendum, people are slowly turning on the failed E.U project. It has peaked.
The latest which I wanted to share with you and your readers is the deteriorating situation in Portugal, their president has refused to appoint a coalition government even though it secured an absolute majority in the Portuguese parliament, all because it is anti-EU.
It seems they aren’t even disguising their disdain for the people’s wishes now, we know that historically the E.U has bulldozed democracy by the back door but now it seems to be getting more extreme and overt. We are surely not too long from people on the streets, PEGIDA being just the first example.
Kind Regards,

Prison of Socrates Where the First Martyr to Philosophy Died
REPLY: Indeed, Portugal has crossed the Rubicon. Europe is headed into the abyss all because politicians are incapable of ever admitting a mistake and that prevents any hope of reform. This cannot end nicely for they are stupid fools.
This is why as part of the Solution, the only way forward is a Direct Democracy with representatives replacing politicians and career politicians cannot exist. There would have to be some safeguards for it was a Democracy where a majority of a 600 man jury sentenced Socrates to death for corrupting the minds of the youth. That verdict proved Socrates wrong for he believed that the people in charge of government (Democracy) would always seek justice.

Plato recorded not merely Socrates’ words upon being sentenced to death. He also recorded a prior debate he had with Thrasymachus about Justice who saw government from a far more realistic position. This serves as a warning that whatever form of government we attempt to create, it will always try to preserve its own self-interest. This is why career politicians must be banned. But how to temper and restrain the replacement. Ah, that is the question.
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