BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , China intends to enter with Iraq to strengthen the frameworksof economic cooperation between the two countries and the establishment of cities Snaaah.ozkr statement of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals today: " The Undersecretary of the Ministry ofIndustry and technical Minerals Adel Karim met at the headquarters of the ministry , Chinese Ambassador to Iraq Chen Licheng and his accompanying delegation during the meeting theydiscussed ways of industrial cooperation and bilateral relations between the two sides " , stressing agent on the importance of economic ties between Iraq and China , where the Ministry of industry and minerals important relationship and strategy with Chinese companies that have economic partnership agreements will contribute to strengthening the infrastructure of the Iraqi industry" .ofatt that "overall the Iraqi state is heading towards the private sector to support and encourage him to engage strongly in the investment partnership agreements and that the ministry , seeking to support this approach and urged foreign companies, including Chinese to cooperate with them in rebuilding Iraq 's industry and provide all facilities, including the grant to facilitate the granting ofentry and other facilities attributes measures." for his part , the Chinese ambassador , according to a statement from his country 's readiness to cooperate with Iraq in the industrial field and get to work with the Ministry of Industry and minerals in various fields including industrial cities ,"noting that" his country 's desire to strengthen the frameworks of economic cooperation between Iraq and China. "