BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq considered the leader of the coalition of state law , Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, Saturday, postponing the Federal Court's decision to decide the legitimacy of the presidency of the House of Representatives as a positive step towards the dialogues and theconvergence of views between the various parties Jafar said in a press statement today: " Thepostponement Federal Court its decision to decide on the legitimacy of the presidency of the Councilof Representatives to the end of Ramadan is a positive step that will give an opportunity to theparties of political blocs to dialogue among themselves to find a formula agreement closer todifferent visions , "adding that" the court was aware that if she decided to take a decision earlier in favor of one of the parties disputants Front reform and the House of Representatives of others without the prior agreements, the decision will create a new dispute will satisfy the injured party . "for his part , confirmed the MP for Front reform Ibtisam al- Hilali her forehead commitment to theFederal Court decisions in determining the legitimacy of the presidency of the parliament indispute, pointing out that the " Front of the reform will be transformed to the opposition in theparliament if the results were not in their favor , ".otantzer political blocs Federal Court decision to decide on the legitimacy of the parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri and his two deputies, afterthe submission of a number of deputies request the Court to consider the legality of the al - Jubouriafter more than 170 deputies vote on his dismissal in the (April 14 2016.