newspaper published " The British Times, Friday, an analytical article written by Michael Evans, which says that the United States is concerned about turning the balance of power in the world. 

He says Evans that a new arms race began in the world today after the announcement of US President, Donald Trump, for the project to establish an anti-missile system in space, in response to the development of new weapons in China and Russia . 

the writer that the United States remains the largest military force in the world to possess 10 carriers nuclear - powered aircraft, and naval force deployed in all regions of the world, the strength of massive infantry, As well as a defense budget of more than 700 billion T.

"Nobody imagines that Russia or China will win the United States in a conventional war given these facts, but President Trump does not think the next war will be conventional," he says. 

Evans believes that Russia and China are monitoring the performance of US forces and their experience in the 1991 Kuwait war, then in the 2003 Iraq war, and dealing with the insurgency in Afghanistan, and learn lessons in anticipation of any possible confrontation with America. 

The two countries are looking to find smarter and more powerful weapons to counter US control and overcome them militarily and politically. The United States, in turn, places its highest priority on being a technological leader and advanced on its adversaries. It has been successful for decades. After the Cold War, Russia was suffering in its attempt to keep up with the United States, and so was China.

Now, China has developed anti-ship missiles that make US aircraft carriers weak. The United States no longer enjoys military immunity, which was superior to all countries, and the Americans are late in some areas, according to the article. 

Perhaps the biggest of these areas, which, according to the writer, has undergone a shift in the balance of power is artificial intelligence and super-supersonic rockets, two areas in which Russia and China have advanced and invested heavily. 

The United States now fears these five-speed rockets, which have no defense system to stand against them if used against them, General John Hutton told the Senate Armed Services Committee in March.