revealed the Lebanese daily Al - Akhbar, the presence of US pressure on some lawmakers to prevent passing the drive out US troops from the law of Iraq , as a source familiar said he had not yet been taken firm decision stability of withdrawing US troops from Syria in Iraq. 

"There is pressure from Washington, especially after the visit of US Secretary of StateMike Pompeo to Baghdad, in order to reject the enactment of a law demanding the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq," the newspaper quoted a political source as saying .

Finally, calls to vote in parliament on a law in this direction, before announcing the block as the progress of the project to terminate the security agreement signed between Washington and Baghdad, and the abolition of section III of the Strategic Framework Agreement. 

The announcement was followed by political sources revealing a similar bill calling for a "timetable to regulate the withdrawal of foreign troops". 

"The members of the National Security Committee in the parliament have been informed that a decisive decision has not yet been taken to stabilize the withdrawal of US troops from Syria in Iraq," the source said, adding that "these forces are supposed to be stationed briefly at the base of ' Air in Erbil, before leaving for the United States . "