The father of a British bride turned to his daughter, refusing to return to Britain after she told the media that she was afraid of her future and wanted to return to her homeland. 

Joined Shameema Begum (19 years) to "Daesh" in Syria , about four years ago, but it has become today 's modern media, after it came out statements confirming that "she does not feel remorse for the decision to join extremist organization, but now wants to return home, because it Pregnant in her ninth month. "
The British Ministry of the Interior faced these statements by refusing, saying it had "withdrawn citizenship from Begum, nicknamed by a friendly bride." 

The young woman currently lives in the Al-Hol refugee camp in northeastern Syria after fleeing the last pocket of Daqash in the eastern town of Al-Baguz. 

According to the newspaper "Daily Mail" British, the father of Shamima Begum, Ahmed Ali, 60, supports the decision of the British government, saying in an exclusive statement "I know that the government refuses to return my daughter to the country .. I have no problem in this regard" . 

"I also know that she is suffering in Syria, but that is because of the decisions she made earlier." 

"I would feel sorry for her if she recognized her mistake at least, but she says she is not sorry for what she did." 

She met the "Daily Mail"

"I can not say that the decision is right or wrong, but these are the laws of the country and I agree with them," Ahmed Ali said. 

Ali was brought to Britain in 1975, and seven years later he married Um Bagum, Asma. The small family was stable in east London. 

He said that the last meeting he had with his daughter Shamima was in January 2015, two months before her escape to Syria, with her friends Khadija Sultana and Amira Abbasi. 

The girls left their homes in east London and flew to Istanbul in Turkey . The girls boarded a bus to Sinnlora in southeastern Turkey, from where they crossed into Syria. 

Both Begum and Abbasi were 15 years old, while Sultanah was sixteen. 

British police believe the girls arrived in Syria after they were helped by extremists crossing the Syrian border.