Deputy for the parliamentary bloc honest, Tuesday that Washington is not a testament to Iraq , stressing that the decision not to the extension of the States in the exception of sanctions on Iran . "We do not care and are not obliged to apply it, " while the government has called for non - compliance with the decisions of Trump and work In the interest of Iraq only. 

MP Fadhil al-Fatlawi said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "Washington is not a commandment to Iraq to impose its wishes on it, in line with its aggressive interests in the region," adding that "Trump's decision not to extend a number of countries in its sanctions against Iran is a decision we do not care and we are not obliged Applied ".

"Iraq is a sovereign state and works for our interests only and not for the interests of Washington and its allies," he said. "Iraq will not be part of the policy of the axis." 

He pointed out that "Iran stood with Iraq a lot, when the imposition of the embargo on Iraq, Tehran was the first to break the siege and did not abide by, and supported the Iraqi people, and then returned at a difficult stage in the history of Iraq and during the war against terrorism and urged and stood up strongly with Iraq, To this terrorist attack until Iraq won, so it is a strategic ally of Iraq and did not and will not abandon such an ally did not abandon us in the most difficult circumstances.

"Iraq's social, political and economic interests are the only criterion through which we operate. We believe that going beyond America's reckless policies and hostile tendencies will only provide Iraq with terrorism, destruction and isolation from the world, which we will not accept in any way," he said. To "not bow to Washington's pressure and not to abide by those unjust sanctions and to learn for the benefit of the country only and not the interest of the camp of evil and terrorism led by America." 

The White House said Monday that US President Donald Trump had decided not to extend exemptions for some countries from Iran's sanctions, while Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates agreed on phased measures to secure a shortage in the oil market.

Iran and six major countries. 

After re-imposing sanctions on Tehran, Washington granted exceptions to eight countries (China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, Italy and Greece) for six months during which it could buy Iranian oil without being subject to US sanctions.