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Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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    Driving the Dollar


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    Driving the Dollar Empty Driving the Dollar

    Post by Neno Wed 02 Apr 2014, 6:59 pm

    Driving the Dollar

    April 2, 2014

    By JC Collins

    Driving the Dollar Old-highway

    The highway wears its scars well.

    Each mark and groove tells a story of tragedy and lost.  Tears, blood, and fuel have been spilled along its shoulders in order to move the world of commerce forward since the end of the war.

    With the onset of the American empire in 1944, the reserve dollar has paved the road to modernization, commercialization, materialization, militarization, democratization, and civilization.

    So conditioned have we become to blindly accept its power and eminence in the world that we can hardly fathom the crash which has yet to happen or the road block that is just around the corner.

    Most financial experts believe that the dollar will eventually be removed as the world’s reserve currency, but not just yet.  The feeling is that we are anywhere from 10 to 15 years away from this happening.  Perhaps.

    It is my proposition that we are much closer to this event than most would like to admit or openly recognize.  Current events, when analyzed outside of the propaganda and blind faith like obedience to the dollar system, tells a very different story.

    Most of my past posts on this site have something to do with the shifting of the financial system to a multilateral system which is centralized around the SDR as issued by the International Monetary Fund.  It’s challenging to keep each post under a certain word count and create a continuous story without having to reference back and repeat many of the same facts over and over.

    With that in mind I will just plod forward on this post with some sense of confidence that readers have extracted a level of understanding of the basic argument and supporting facts I have been making here.

    We know that since the financial crisis of 2008 the world outside of the United States has been calling for a more balanced system of trade and a multilateral system which will more fairly represent the economic reality of the 21st Century.  The BRICS countries, led by China and Russia, representing the whole of the emerging economies, have been openly stating their support for a transition to an SDR composition and allocation centralized system.
    We know that massive amounts of gold have been on the move from the west to the east.

    We know that manipulation of the stock market, forex, and comex, basically every commodity and currency, has been ongoing to achieve what we assume to be a continuing support of the dollar.  But there is more to this manipulation than meets the eye.

    The manipulation, at least in my estimate, has been pointedly allowing for the repackaging and movement of major dollar system components.  The QE or Quantitative Easing by the Federal Reserve has injected major amounts of debt into stock markets and banks around the world.

    The correlation between the highest stock market levels and the highest debt ever is not a coincidence which I’m willing to accept.

    We know that the G20 countries all agreed to the IMF Quota and Governance Reforms of 2010.  These reforms were to restructure the shares and voting on the International Monetary Fund’s Executive Board for the purpose of more accurately reflecting the economic reality of the emerging markets.

    We know that at the same time the US has been exporting massive amounts of debt around the world by QE, unlike anything in the history of the world, they have been stalling on implementing the IMF Reforms as agreed in 2010.

    We know that the Fed is now “tapering” or reducing the level of QE, but is in essence finding other creative ways to monetize its own debt through MyRA and other methods of injecting capital and credit into banks.

    We know that the G20 countries, led by the voice of Russia, has stated in Feb of 2014 that if America doesn’t pass legislation supporting the 2010 IMF Reforms than they will take “aggressive measures” to bypass the US and enact the required changes themselves by the April meeting of the G20 in Australia.

    We know that major corruption scandals and arrests have been taking place all around the world in most countries and most financial institutions.  Some of these institutions, such as JP Morgan, have seen an extraordinary number of top level bankers suddenly commit suicide.  Some suggestions are that they were killed.

    Could this be the beginning signs of the self-limiting rent seeking which we discuss?  Could the system be cleaning itself of corruption so that a true harmonization of the small organized ruling elite and large disorganized masses can be attained?

    Sociological paradigms can only be built upon the true nature of man and humanity as a whole.  All can never be one through sameness.  The big lie is that we are all born the same.  We are not.  Though we should all be born with equal opportunity to fight our way to whatever level of sustenance we deem appropriate.
    Rent seeking by a small organized elite robs us of this opportunity.   The self-limiting will benefit both groups and allow for a bi-directional flow of wealth as individuals and groups of people rise and fall upon the mountains of commerce and survival.
    We know that there have been major changes in the Vatican Bank and the foreign embassy accounts of HSBC.

    The American Congress has continuously failed to pass the legislation supporting the IMF 2010 Reforms.  Even with using the Ukraine crisis and supporting aid as an attempt to bribe Congress, the reforms were still not passed.

    The level of currency swap agreements and renminbi trading hub deals around the world has heated up lately with major players on the financial world scene, such the European Central Bank, entering into agreements with China on yuan convertibility.

    The Shanghai Gold Exchange will quickly become the standard for precious metal pricing and trading.  This reality will blindside western investment brokers who cannot see outside the structure of the western system.

    Contrary to western propaganda, there is no recovery as real economic metrics and indicators prove.  The only indicators that are used to support a recovery storyline are ones that are either directly manipulated or outright restructured to fudge the facts.
    One of the more obvious signs of the financial system transition is the Basel 3 capital requirements designed by the Bank for International Settlements.  These requirements are to be fully implemented by 2018.  It’s important to note that the current system structure and how it conducts business will not survive in a post Basel 3 world.  Things will obviously need to change and in fact are changing, even if you haven’t been told so by the television.

    News is starting to circulate that Russia is beginning to use the ruble and its gold reserves to support a payment system outside of the US dollar.

    Almost on cue, JP Morgan decides to begin blocking Russian money transfers.  This is an escalation outside of the sanctions ordered by Washington.  JPM has created a de-facto full on sanctions program which is forcing Russia to enact a payment structure outside of the SWIFT system.

    This is exactly what Russia had threatened to do when the Ukraine crisis began.  And one can only speculate that this is one of the “aggressive measures” referred to by the G20 back in February.
    My contention has always been that all countries and institutions are reading from the same script and this whole charade is playing out exactly as intended, as a method of Hegelian Dialectic.

    With each step and move the financial world is being pushed into the waiting arms of the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements.

    The details of this process may vary and some aspects may still be undecided.  Perhaps there are still choices allowed but those choices will be held within a narrow path of ultimate outcome.  The emerging pattern is becoming very obvious.  When Russia, with the support of China, threatens a specific action in retaliation of potential western sanctions, and then a western bank makes a move which forces Russia into exactly what it originally said it would do, one can only shiver with foreshadowing of what will come next.

    The reserve status of the dollar will not last much longer.  Will it be by a sudden catastrophic crash around the next bend in the highway?  Or will it be by a gradual lane change and exit to the nearest interchange which takes us eastward?

    Only fools make predictions but I think it’s safe to assume that the exchange system of global trade will be centralized by 2018.

    Between now and then, we will watch as the transition from dollar peg to SDR peg takes place on the world stage.  The actors and playwrights are very convincing as they unfold and deliver their devilish Hegelian plot.

    The old road is worn and crumbling.  The shoulders have fallen away and the scars are deep.  Momentum is building.  We stay on this road at our own risk.  Driver beware.

    Awaiting the new multilateral world will be the next step in technology and advanced civilization.  People will move about on Hyperloop type systems which will slowly take over the hubs of what are now international airports.  The large ones will transition first and the smaller airports which service smaller communities will be the last to be adapted to the new method of moving masses of people.

    The infrastructure of the old world will be integrated into the advanced dynamics of the new technologies.  The now macro will become tomorrows micro as the new macro spreads across the face of the Earth to all places and all peoples, bringing with it the efficiency of a true multilateral world.  I hope.  – JC Collins

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