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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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MilitiaMan and KTFA Members "They Have a Goal in Mind Now" 1-28-2020


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MilitiaMan and KTFA Members "They Have a Goal in Mind Now" 1-28-2020 Empty MilitiaMan and KTFA Members "They Have a Goal in Mind Now" 1-28-2020

Post by rocky on Wed 29 Jan 2020, 3:14 am

[size=30]MilitiaMan and KTFA Members "They Have a Goal in Mind Now" 1-28-2020[/size]

MilitiaMan:  IMO, there are views that some may have, that impressions of what we see can be taken out context with out having a broader view.
We imo don't care about the 2020 budget, we/I care about the 2019 Financial Management Law Amendment that was passed and voted through under a residing and legal Prime Minister, just as was the 2020 Budget Law was two days prior to the PM ever resigning. All legal and legit.
The 2020 budget has the ability to adjust over months at 1/12th the budget, while they get the new rate sorted out. That is why imo the law was done accordingly and hidden to a large degree. 
They haven't shown us the rate yet from the 2019 FMLA. The rate precedes the 2020 budget,just as the NSNs will need a rate and just as there is no need imo for the new PM. If it so happens they give one.
There will still be future elections to contend with and an on going concern, which are mostly un related directly daily goings of the CBI. They sorted their game plan already. Now we wait and see if the CBI reports accordingly 01/01/2020 - 01/31/2020 without a program rate attached to it.. That would be a stark day imo.. Will that day come? I'll give you many reasons as to why it won't and can't.

These items may not be in cronological order but here goes.
1)  As far back as August 2019, we have been told in the Final Article thread at KTFA the project to delete the zeros and the lifting of the exchange rate is on going again and in process.
2)  Shortly thereafter around September 30th, the CBI quits posting Credit Transfers for the IQD and the USD. We didn't notice that the CBI did that at that time, but, just recently Delta made us aware of it. The pattern shows they had the Credit Transfers for at least two subsequent  years prior to the halt.
3) The CBI charts began showing the Money Supply Reduction and the money "value" to Commercial Banks being moved was in affect a trigger to keep an eye on things more closely. Backing up just a tad, the CBI told Banks that they need to be prepared if need be to modify contracts in early November 2019.
4) In fact that is what happened on December 01, 2019 through January 02, 2020 for the suspension of loans were noted. Later in the month of December 2019, the Iraq Trade Bank comes out and tells us they are ceasing Cash Deposits up to 12/26/2019, then after 12/29/2019 they were to cease cash deposits and wire transfers through 01/05/2020. We now understand they may have resumed, yet, we don't know in what capacity, yet.
5) So, as for other curious behaviors from the CBI, they haven't reported subsequent Money Supply and Money Movement to Commercial Banks for December 2019 yet.Though, they are showing price indicators of the IQD exchange rate for January. The timing is consistent for the time they reported the money reduction. They showed that it was modified on 12/08/2019. I found that data on or around 12/23/2019 real close. Why is that curious? Because for January, the data Delta found for the "Window Price for the IQD" was updated per the CBI 01/07/2020 and wasn't found on the site until 01/22/2020, just a couple days ago. A similar pattern appears to be in play even out through 02/09/2020, imo.
6) Another curiosity to this, is the numbers they posted being in the program rate price area. Regardless to date, the December 2019 Money Supply and money to Commercial Banks has not apparently been reported yet. The implications are they will have to have the rate placed first.
7) Hence, the 2019 FML Amendment has not been exposed, nor has the 2020 budget been other than 1/12th payments, that I am aware of. 
8) As for the relationship with having a PM. I know there are differing views on the matter. My view, Deltas view and  Basra Boyz, is as well. The key items for the CBI were done under management of a residing PM. That is done and sorted.
9) A new PM is not needed for that to have an effect on the release, as if they choose to the CBI has legitimacy to go live with a new rate when they feel fit to do so. Whether or not they want a PM at the helm prior to that? I don't know. They may very well be  massaging the PM into position to coincide with the new rate to come.  Whoever that may be in the end is not needed for the RI, ioo. I do agree that it may present better if they do seat him. However, fair elections are coming soon anyway, as that is a demand from the citizens, thus a PM if seated will be voted on later on, anyway, thus may be a mute point, imo..
10) Research on the CBI site per Delta shows that they spent upwards of $190,000,000.00 on print and minting new money.
11) Delta showed us a video that he translates to be about the process of taking in 25k notes and them being destroyed. Just like the Turk model has told us that will be apart of the process.. (Reduction of note count went from 50+- Trillion IQD down to 5+- Trillion, with subsequent value going to the Commercial Banks). They have destroyed money, that value has to still be there on the books.. With nscn's that will be replacing that value, with far fewer notes with far higher value, imo..
12) A preceding video from a similar CBI source shows and explains many things about the reforms, but, a main focus is that the CBI was given orders to complete the MRs. The CBI accepted them!!
So let all of the above set in for awhile and take it to prayer. As, imo GOD has this one in line and ready to go. Seems the CBI has a date to report what has been done in the coming days..  imo ~ MM
Rommy:  IMO MM this is an exquisite piece and should be considered as a candidate for the Final Articles!  Thank You!  
MilitiaMan:  Thank you Rommy... I believe the data we have from reliable sources shows that they have a goal in mind now.. Clearly a case can be made from what they tell us, that goal is about done.. imo ~ MM

Hammy14:  MM, these are all valid points and for the most part proves that the CBI is ready to launch the new exchange rate and all that goes with it.  HOWEVER, you make no mention of the fact that Iran and/or Iranian influence is STILL a major concern in regards to the releasing of the monetary reforms.  I believe it will take military intervention by the United States to rid Iraq from the evil scourge that is Iran.  How long that may take and at what point in that process is it "good enough" remains to be seen, but in my strong opinion, we are not there yet.  So, as with all the fine facts you bring showing us why we may soon see this, allow me to point out one very glaring fact as to why we haven't seen it YET.  Only time will tell us for sure where we really stand.  All IMO
MilitiaMan:  My view is the Iran circumstance is serious as it is and has been a very big concern and at this stage, it is what it is and you’r right, it is a scourge.
A rate change though imo may have to for the aforementioned reasons above and possibly because the potential effects than may come by putting even more pressure on Iran from within, that may negate or offset the risk of not doing RI. Time sensitive it is.. The citizens of Iran if Iraq RIs will see the prosperity it brings, they'll get more emboldened to take out those that oppress them..  A tactic that may work very well in our favor..
The Iraq CBI has a money issue that is staring them in the face, I am sure they are well aware of. A massive reduction in in note count is one of them. They also have contracts in the wings and in addition today, they tell there is a whole lot of monies ready to flow to create an environment for the Iraq citizens to be beneficial, one where that Iran will fail in at home..
The support from the international world is front and center in Iraq even today we see petitions in that regard. So, of course, we will wait and see how this plays out.
My view is they have to go now and in short order, no going back. There is no time to print all that they destroyed.. Makes no sense what so ever.. In my view the Iranian issue will be sorted biggly and imo with the potential power and of the strength in the IQD to come may just be the sword that cuts more of the tail. jmtc.. Thanks for the input.. ~ MM
Tony777:  MM, I thought the 1/12 monthly is based on the 2019 budget and not the 2020 budget that is not in effect yet, IMO.  Additionally, the2020 Budget was adjusted to contain the demands of the demonstrators, so those changes have to be voted/approved???  IMO
MilitiaMan:  Per my conversation with Delta and others the 1/12 is to be sued into the 2020.. ioo.. The citizens will imo will be very happy with the FML Amendment that will precede the 2020 budget. The 2020 needs the rate prior to open.. imo ~ MM

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