BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq's Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri , in his office, on Tuesday, a delegation from the Sadrist movement headed by Zia al - Asadi Chairman of the Liberal bloc in Parliament highlighted the political and security developments in the country in addition to the operations of liberation and current election law and file reconciliation Almojtmaah.ookd Chairman of the House of Representatives , according to a statement his office today: during the meeting " the need to unite the efforts of all political forces in order to find effective solutions to the problems faced by the country, and to support the ongoing processes of liberalization in the city of Mosul and work to defeat Daesh of terrorism and eliminate it completely and start phase of return of displaced persons and reconstruction of the liberated areas "He added that" the political process in the country need to build a real and stand at the previous phase errors and try to solve a manner that ensures the rights of all components of the Iraqi people. "