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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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National Bank of Iraq .. selective in handling and raced on currency speculation


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National Bank of Iraq .. selective in handling and raced on currency speculation

Post by rocky on Wed 27 Jul 2016, 3:45 am

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National Bank of Iraq .. selective in handling and raced on currency speculation

 Baghdad / term 

Customers criticized the National Bank of Iraq, yesterday Althelaia, the way bank employees deal with patients , in . As confirmed that staff are dealing in a "improper and selective" with the auditors, and demanded thatregulators put controls define the work ofthose banks, financial expert pointed out that the work of these banks depends on selling the dollar and speculative currency does not care about the rest of the banking transactions. 
The permanent customer with the National Bank in Baghdad tried to withdraw a sum of money, according to the controls, but the bank 's staff have imposed conditions are not justified, not legal what he called to make a complaint through the newspaper "long". 
one of customers the bank said the "long" that "Ahli Bank in Baghdad contend manner uncivilized and bad with his customers , "pointing out that" the staff does not have the minimum of a culture of dealing with theauditors and the lack of civility and decency to talk with your customers in a way. " 
and was amazed at the" Scott auditors who deal with the bank said this shameful and contrary to the laws and the principles and values ​​the way. " 
she added audit, who declined to give her name, "we deal with a lot of Arab and international banks that offer great services to its customers and welcomes the auditors civilized ways and racing those bankers tocustomer service by offering flowers and candy bouquets and try to accomplish dealings auditors on the face of speed and accuracy, it all because there is a principle of competition between those discreet banks. But what is happening in this particular bank is not related to the work of banks in any link, and the work of the National Bank is similar to the work shops banking started racing on financial speculation and sell the dollar, does not concern them transactions that must be carried out by the respected banks the rest. " 
She continued," Director of National Bank dealing condescending with the auditors do not apply the regulations stipulated by Iraqi law. " 
She called customer bank, a public figure and works in the field of journalism and media, the Iraqi government and regulatory authorities to" put an end to violations carried out by some of the staff in private banks, the introduction of these employees in training sessions learning how to deal delicately with theauditors. " 
She stressed that" the employees who work in this bank they deal with their customers selectively according to the principle of favoritism and personal relationships , "adding that" the employees have a group of customers are completing their transactions quickly and concern for them, and there are some customers arewaiting several hours or one hears voices or perform their works. " 
and called on regulators to" civil legislation of the banking Act and tighten control over their work, the detection of money laundering and illegal dealings that occur in some of the banks operations. " 
for his part, said the financial expert d. Safwan Qusai Abdul Halim, in an interview for the "long", that "low -capacity banks must merge Bmassarv sober restore confidence to invest in these sectors, as well as must beenabled by the international partnership and put Maaar sober those who have the task of the board and its members." 
The expert added that he "It is supposed to activate the part of international banks partnership with local banks in order to attract international capital into these banks and direct them in economic activities profitable , " calling to "subdue appointments in these banks to the control device and the Ministry of Finance and theDepartment of the Inspector General , or the central bank, in order that works competent in those banks andpeople. " 
the expert considers that" there are big problems accompanied the banking activity in Iraq after 2003, since anyone can not have to engage in the work of banks funds. " 
the expert stressed that" 50% of the activities undertaken by the private banks depends on speculation a non - productive activities will reflect negatively on the economy, even if the relevant departments of theadministrations of those banks have an economic vision for economic development in the country was able toown private banks advancement of the country 's economy. " 
He added that" the central bank sells foreign currency to 1180 or 1185 to banks own , which in turn sell them to customers and brokers to 1280 in the sense that they create profits, and there is no operational activity in the work of these banks , "explaining that" deposits that citizens place in the banks will be paid interest on it and derive the benefit from the operation of these funds in productive sectors of the economy Kalmsafa, transport, real estate, and create interest for deposits come from operational activities and not from speculative activities , "referring to the " lack of control over the private banks, and became the owner ofcapital looking for a quick profit through market speculation. " It is 
noteworthy that the banking system in Iraq consists (54) banks, as well as the central bank, and aredistributed according to the property between the seven state - owned and 23 private businesses , including Islamic nine in addition to the 15 branches of foreign banks.
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