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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Tue 23 May 2017, 2:17 am

The world in 24 hours

Ankara , the
trial of dozens of military personnel in Turkey on charges of participating in the attempted coup
marched dozens accused of Turkish army officers suspected of involvement in the failed coup amid an angry crowd at the beginning of a mass trial near the capital Ankara.
Most of the suspects Al221 senior Turkish military officers, accused of attempting to overthrow Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on 15 July last.
The progress of the accused - who were walking in a long line - the former commander of the Air Force, General Akin Oozatok.
And loud calls for the death of their calls for executions, although the current Turkish law does not allow it.
Police arrested the security measures that followed the coup attempt teachers on hunger strike.
Nuri said Goulemine and Samih in Osaka Tweets that were arrested during the night.
And among The detainees more than 100 thousand employees in the public sector who were dismissed from the service in the wake of the failed military coup in July 2016
and came to tweet Goulemine "political police branch is now trying to enter the house, they break the door at this
The couple engaged in a hunger strike for 75 days. The lawyers said that despite the raid on their home Sunday, they pledged to "not surrender at all."
She added in Goulemine Tweet "We want to bring us back to Ziftina! We did not give in and never give up."
Led security measures taken by President Erdogan to purge state institutions to mass layoffs of tens of thousands of employees in the judiciary organs, police, universities, and schools.
Turkish authorities have resorted to the imposition of extraordinary security measures following a failed coup and accused the cleric, Fethullah Gulen, who lives in self - imposed exile in Pennsylvania , United States of being behind the coup, but Guolin denied this.
They include charges against the accused 250 civilians were killed during the failed coup, coupled with the Turkish authorities to impose a state of emergency , which is still in force today.
Erdogan said after winning a referendum in the month of April that Turkey could organize a referendum on the reintroduction of the death penalty, a move that would end the negotiations between Turkey and the European Union on the accession.

Pyongyang ,
North Korea: our response to the Trump .. more missiles ,
North Korea said, on Monday it was ready to deploy and start producing large amounts of medium - range missiles, capable of reaching Japan and US military bases key there, following a missile test confirmed that it was successful in defiance of US President Donald Trump.
It is believed that the missile that tested, Sunday, capable of reaching Japan and several major US military bases in the country.
The rocket was "Bocgoxong 2" - which works hard fuel - shaved for a distance of about 500 kilometers and reached an altitude of 560 kilometers before falling into the Pacific Ocean.
The media reported that North Korea will launch more missiles, in response to Trump 's management.
It was not the Trump, who traveled to Saudi Arabia on Saturday, any comment yet.

New York ,
de Mistura: Astana was promising and achieved a reduction of the level of violence ,
said UN envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, the Astana talks were promising and achieved a reduction of the level of violence. He predicted that the seventh round of the Geneva negotiations launched in the month of June.
UN envoy said, during a session of the UN Security Council, on Monday, to listen to his testimony,
"Our focus on the search file constitution does not mean that the exception of the Syrian people. Although expert meetings aimed to support the Geneva negotiations."
UN envoy said he would start two hours after talks with representatives of Syrian civil society. He added that the formation of a unified delegation of the opposition may bring us closer to direct negotiations. The "Syrian parties demanded to examine the constitution file during the Geneva negotiations, and we had constructive discussions about joining the two groups of Cairo and Moscow , the delegation of the opposition, and put the finishing touches to an agreement on the technical file of the detainees."
And on the organization of the Islamic state "Daesh," de Mistura between the organization and despite losing land in Syria, it is still dangerous.

United Nations experts urge Indonesia to abolish the prison sentence against the governor of Jakarta ,
experts in the United Nations urged Indonesia on Monday, to release the governor of the capital Jakarta , a Christian, who was sentenced this month on charges of contempt of religion, in condemning threatening to encourage the Islamists to deal with the values of secularism, in the country , home to the largest Muslim majority in the world.
It began Basuki Tjahaja Bornama, known as "Ohok", on the ninth of May , implementation of the rule of two years in prison under the advisory opinion of the highest Islamic Shariah council in the country as a result of media campaigns and violent protests.
He said three of the experts in the United Nations that it was the government must confront these pressures, the experts said in a statement that "instead of addressing hate speech launched by leaders of the protests by the Indonesian authorities seemed to appease incitement to religious intolerance and discrimination", and added that "continue to implement judgment undermine freedom of religious belief in Indonesia. "
The experts "urge the government to drop the judgment of Mr. Bornama on appeal or application of any type of amnesty provided by Indonesian law in order to release him from prison immediately."

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