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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Tue 06 Jun 2017, 1:58 am

The world in 24 hours

Trump presses for the implementation of the travel ban and calls for an urgent judicial review of
US President Donald Trump urged his administration on Monday to implement more stringent version of the controversial travel ban after the London attack , calling for an urgent judicial review. Trump wrote in a series of tweets on Twitter "The Ministry of Justice had to abide by the original travel ban and is not diluted version accepted politically they have made to the Supreme Court" of America. He added , "The Ministry of Justice to request an urgent meeting on the travel ban diluted before the Supreme Court and seek a more stringent version . " The legal team Trump asked the country 's Supreme Court last week to allow work to begin Executive Bmrsome issued on the sixth of March / March on the prevention of the citizens of six mainly Muslim countries from entering the United States immediately despite the suspension of work in a lower court. The Supreme Court rarely meets Aajlh.oukal Trump requests that the proposed ban, which was an essential part of his campaign pledges last year, was necessary to protect Americans from terrorist attacks. But critics attacked the ban as discriminatory and justified because it is flawed. Trump wrote on Twitter on Monday also says that even with the continuation of this judicial dispute over the embargo, the administration will be implemented more stringent audit procedures on potential visitors to the United States and added , "slow and politicized courts."

revoke the citizenship of 130 people , including Gulen if they do not return to the country of the
Turkish authorities announced the commencement of proceedings relating to the withdrawal of citizenship of 130 people, including Turkish opposition Fethullah Gulen, and two deputies in the pro-Kurdish Democratic Peoples Party.
She explained the Turkish Interior Ministry, in a statement, reported channel Russia Today news on Monday that the lack of return of these people to Turkey 130 within 3 months, starting from Monday , June 5 will result in the withdrawal of Turkish nationality of them. It should be noted that the failed coup attempt that took place Turkey in mid-July, which killed more than 240 people and injuring about two thousand others, and the arrest of more than 35 thousand people, including military and police, judges, prosecutors , police, and was removed tens of thousands of jobs . Ankara has accused Gulen, who lives in the United States since 1999, of being behind the failed coup attempt, despite denying it and rejected all accusations.

Lavrov: NATO destabilize the situation in the European continent ,
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday, said he will discuss with his Belarusian counterpart Vladimir MAQUET working with NATO , "NATO" coordination in the wake of the recent decisions taken at the summit of the alliance.
The news agency quoted "Tass" Russian statement Lavrov, as saying : "We will discuss coordinated action with NATO and relations with the alliance. In the wake of the recent NATO summits, we have to remember that attempts to change the existing forces in Europe and the balance of strengthening the military capabilities of NATO - in a previous no seen since the end of the cold war - and increase the size of the training activities of the army along NATO 's continued efforts to build a US missile defense system, destabilize the situation in Europe. "
Lavrov said that such policies are "contrary to the decisions taken by the Organization for Security and Cooperation summits in Europe and the summit of Russia and NATO on creating an integrated space for peace, security and stability in the Aloorootalsah region, but also directly affect the national interests of Russia and Belarus. Acquires the coordination of action by our country is particularly important , including those that fall within the collective Security Treaty Organization, which holds the rotating presidency of Belarus this year. "

Manila ,
President of the Philippines for extremists: no dialogue if you kill the hostages ,
Philippine President Rodrigo Dottirta said, he would not dialogue with the gunmen lined up with the organization of Daesh, and ordered troops to kill them even if the gunmen to kill their hostages in the besieged city south of the country.
The President issued his warnings Dottirta more so far Sunday evening, local and foreign militants who imposed a blockade on Marawi since May 23, saying that he lost too many soldiers and police officers in acts of violence will not be allowed to do more.
The army said 178 fighters and civilians were killed in Marawi south of the country after it invaded the city hundreds of gunmen, who were waving black flags like Daesh, and burned the buildings they are fighting backed by air strikes and artillery fire forces.

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