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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The world in 24 hours


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The world in 24 hours

Post by rocky on Mon 19 Jun 2017, 1:36 am

The world in 24 hours

Tehran ,
Iran thwart a terrorist operation planned in the night of fate
Iran foiled a terrorist attack, said it was planned for much of the night in the Iranian capital Tehran, according to the deputy in the Iranian Islamic Shura Council (parliament). According to the Iranian Fars he revealed a member of the Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy Council of the Islamic Shura emigrated Jnarani that a terrorist group calling itself "Supporters of the Criterion" was planning to carry out bombings inside the country during the establishment ceremony of nights as much. The agency quoted Jnarani as saying: "During the clashes that took place during the past few days between Iranian border guards with the group" Ansar al- Furqan "terrorist, were seized large quantities of weapons and explosives in their possession were planning to which to carry out operations inside the country s
fate." She added the MP for Nishapur department Firouzeh as saying: "The Revolutionary Guards, the police and security forces through careful monitoring of the movements of this terrorist group foiled their infiltration into the territory of the country, saluting killed a number of terrorists during the clash while the rest fled to the mountains of the region that they have full knowledge of Ptdharysha."

Party shifty in achieving victory in the second round of parliamentary elections is
heading the party "Republic forward", led by French President, Emmanuel shifty, to achieve a landslide victory in the second round of France 's parliamentary election Sunday.
Forecasts indicate that the party and its allies in the process of winning shifty by between 75 percent and 80 percent of the seats.
It urges voters traditional parties to support shifty opponents to prevent the monopoly of power. Shifty party needs 289 seats to control the National Assembly , which has 577 seats. It is expected to win more than 400 seats.
The shifty had won the presidential election last month, and now hopes to get a solid majority to help pay for the planned reforms of the country. The shifty party form for more than just one year, and half of the candidates have little political experience or Mtma experience, including a retired bullfighter and Rwandan refugees and a mathematician. In the first round he got "Democratic Movement" Party "Republic forward" on 32.3 percent of the vote. Rally party won for the Republic (and the center - right in French politics) on 21.5 percent and the Party of National Front far - right 13.2 percent and got the far left at 11 percent, while his Socialists and left - wing parties allied to 9.5 percent.
However , the turnout was very low, rates of participation fell from 57.2 percent in the first round of elections in 2012 to 48.7 percent in 2017. Analysts say this reflects a kind of sense of surrender to the rivals shifty. It needs shifty, to get a majority in the parliament to support the achievement of the changes promised in his campaign includes: achieving savings in the budget of up to $ 65 billion over the next five years ,
reducing the number of public employees by about 120 thousand employees labor market reform programs and pensions state generous to conform with the private sector programs ,

Portugal Ti_h black sorrow for the victims of the fire
Portugal announced on Sunday, national mourning for three days, expressing their grief over the killing of dozens of victims in the fires broke out amid the country 's forests. And 57 people have died and dozens injured, officials said Portuguese people , a number of victims trapped in their cars on fire as they walked on the road to the forest. He described Prime Minister Antonio Costa Fire, Sunday, " the greatest tragedy we have seen in human life for years." For his part, said President of Portugal, Marcelo de Sousa, said that nothing was feasible but was done, about the disaster.
The European Commission, France and Spain had sent planes to help Portugal to contain the fire and extinguish, and expressed condolences to those who lost their parents in the tragedy.
Spanish state television showed horrific images in the vicinity where the number of people on the road in an attempt to escape from the thick smoke which reduced visibility to a few meters.
Despite the continuing investigations to determine the cause of the fires, the authorities believe that the high temperatures that reached 40 degrees Celsius in recent days may have played a role in these fires, as
said Costa.

Ankara ,
Turkey .. concern and arrests after the poisoning of 700 soldiers
said the Turkish authorities, said that 731 of its soldiers were food poisoning, in Manisa province, west of the country, on Saturday, amid fears of deterioration of the quality of food, on the grounds that a similar incident recorded shortly before and caused a number great of the injured.
He said the Attorney General in the city of Manisa, Akef Kalehtaan Simsek, in a statement, that the state of health soldiers stable, adding that he does not fear for the lives of any of them after they complained earlier nausea and diarrhea.
Turkish police arrested, 21 staff the company that supplied the army with food camp, in an effort to reveal the cause of health trouble, which led to the suspect food.
And raising fears of the food center of the army in Turkey, that similar incidents, recorded earlier, on 23 July / May last, injured more than a thousand soldiers similar Ptafn, and one died.
On the Turkish side of Cyprus, wounded 35 Turkish soldiers on Saturday, cases of poisoning accompanied by pain in the head, weakness and nausea, and the injured were taken to the hospital for treatment.
The investigators took samples of blood and urine sick soldiers, also took other samples of chicken and water that was taken up at dinner, it is expected to reveal laboratory analyzes whether the toxic substances.
In the meantime, MP from the opposition Republican People 's Party, Tor Bldez Besser, the number of injured by the poisoned meal "poisoned" he said amounted to 3 thousand.

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