Alsumaria News / Baghdad 
announced that the Department of Petroleum contracts and licenses in the Oil Ministry, on Friday, for the rehabilitation of five new international companies from different nationalities out of eight companies submitted for qualification to participate project exploration, development and production of patches exploratory border. 

" The newly qualified companies will participate with the international companies qualified in the previous licensing rounds of 21 international companies of different nationalities, Arab, Asian, European and American, will participate in the competition for the exploration and development project," said Assem Jihad , a spokesman for the ministry, in a statement received by Alsumaria News. And the production of (9) land and sea border exploratory patches. "

Jihad added that the Department of Petroleum Contracts and Licenses has adopted four basic criteria to qualify companies to participate in the competition for the project (financial and economic standard, legal standard, technical standard and training and the standard of health, safety and environment), noting that "companies submitted their documents for the period from August 15, 2017 to 9 November 2017, and the number of companies provided for rehabilitation (8) companies. 

Jihad said that "the documents submitted by the companies were studied by the ministry within the controls and rules in force and was rehabilitated (5) companies, which applied controls." 

The oil minister, Jabbar Ali al-Luaibi reviewed in his press conference in November 2017, joint border exploration with Kuwait and Iran, calling on all international companies to invest to participate and compete for the exploration and development and production of nine border patches.

The exploratory patches include Khadr al-water, Jabal Sinam and Faw , located on the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border. The exploratory plains located on the Iraqi-Iranian border are Sinbad and include the Sinbad 1 and Sindbad 2 fields. The structure includes the installation of the southern and Shihabis, Zerbatiya, Tariq, Hattab, Nazardak, Saadia, Khana, Aqaba and Naudoman). He added that these patches are within the land borders. The marine exploratory patches were the Gulf patch that lies within the Iraqi territorial waters. In the Gulf.