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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US warships enter the Black Sea and Russia warns


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US warships enter the Black Sea and Russia warns

Post by rocky on Sun 08 Jul 2018, 2:44 am

US warships enter the Black Sea and Russia warns

The US Navy Command in Europe announced on Sunday the entry of the US Navy's 6th Mount Whitney ship to the Black Sea, where the US-Ukrainian exercise "Sea Priz 2018" will take place, while Russia replied that it does not oppose the entry of NATO ships to the sea And warned that those ships would receive "appropriate response" in the event of any negative or provocative actions.
Earlier, the American destroyer "Porter" armed with a winged missile entered the Black Sea to participate in these naval maneuvers and work with NATO forces. "
It is noteworthy that Ukraine passed a law at the end of last January allowing the entry of foreign forces, including US forces to its territory in 2018 to participate in the international exercises "Sea Breeze" and "Rapid Trade".
The Sea Breeze exercises have been held annually since 1997 in the Black Sea region of southern Ukraine, marking the anniversary of the beginning of military cooperation between Ukraine and the United States.
CNN quoted a source at the Pentagon earlier that the United States is strengthening its military presence in the Black Sea to confront Russian forces in that region.
The channel said that Washington is seeking in this way to become the presence of US naval forces in the Black Sea is normal.
In turn, Russia replied that it did not object to the entry of NATO ships into the Black Sea region, adding that the American presence in the Black Sea poses no real threat to Russia, which has much more important military units in the region. Russian forces are constantly monitoring the situation. Negative or provocative actions by US ships will receive the appropriate response.

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