announced that the Ministry of Planning, on Friday, announced the signing of two memoranda of understanding with the Saudi side , one of them to develop the Arar border port, and the other on the development of cooperation in the customs side between the two countries, while the Minister of Planning called Salman al - JumailiSaudi businessmen to take advantage of the great investment opportunities, confirmed the existence of 157 strategic and medium investment projects in Iraq . 

"The Saudi capital, Riyadh, witnessed intensive discussions between the Iraqi and Saudi sides, and discussed a number of important issues and issues within the framework of the activities of the joint Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council during the visit by a high-level Iraqi government delegation," the ministry said in a statement. Minister of Planning Salman Jumaili.

She added that the two sides discussed a number of important issues, including work on the rehabilitation of the perpetrators of Arar and Gemayma border and the beginning will be from the port of Arar. In this context, the two parties signed a memorandum of understanding to develop the two implementers, also discussed the development of cooperation on the customs side has been signed a memorandum of understanding Others "in this regard, pointing out that" the two sides agreed to form a number of joint technical committees to follow up the implementation of what has been reached and understandings of agreements between the two countries. " 

"There is a real desire between the two countries to deepen relations and strengthen them through activating the investment aspects," Jumaili said, calling on Saudi businessmen to "take advantage of the large investment opportunities in Iraq, especially that there are 157 investment projects strategic and moderate."

The Arar border port with Saudi Arabia , which was opened by the middle of last year for commercial purposes , closed by more than 30 years, and is opened every year before the pilgrims of God the Holy for the purpose of performing the Hajj and is closed after their return.