The Israeli Supreme Court allowed the lists of the "Democratic Front and Arab Change" and "Arab Union and the assembly" to run in the legislative elections, thus nullifying the decision of the Electoral Commission to delete them. 

"The court decided by majority vote, to accept the appeal filed by the United Arab List and the assembly and to cancel the decision of the Central Election Commission, to cancel the list and prevent it from running for theupcoming Knesset elections .

Thus, the two Arab lists are entitled to stand for elections scheduled for April 9. 

The decision of the Elections Commission was politicized and contrary to the law, with the aim of legitimizing racist thought on the one hand, and silencing the Arab and democratic voice, especially the voice of Dr. Ofer Kassif, the courageous and clear against fascism and racism in Israeli society, And in the corridors of the government (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu). " 

The Supreme Court rejected the appeal filed against Ofer Kasif, a member of the Democratic and Arab Front for Change, and allowed him to run. 

As for the list of the united Arab and the assembly, she said that "the decision of the electoral committee to write us off was politically motivated by Israel's fearOf the draft democratic list, which opposes the Zionist project, the decision to write off the political failed to meet the conditions of the Supreme Court, which deals with the subject from the perspective of legal judicial. " 

For his part, said the Legal Center, which represented the two Arab lists and Kasif" The time has come to withdraw the validity of the discussion of cancellation requests filtered lists or individuals approved by the Central election Commission. " 

Furthermore, the Israeli Supreme Court declared revoked the nomination of Michael Ben Ari a member of the party right - wing Jewish force national after accusing the Attorney General of" racism against Arabs. " 

the electoral Commission accepted in March 6 requested bribe E, but "Meretz" leftist opposition party resorted to the Supreme Court to revoke the controversial nomination.