Baghdad / Iraq News Network - A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Wafa Karim, confirmed on Monday that the Kurdistan region will abide by the 2023 budget agreement on handing over the oil file and handing it over to the federal government. Karim said in a press interview that "the Kurdistan region will abide by the budget agreement, including the delivery of 400,2023 barrels of oil to the federal government, which is the amount of oil exports to the region." The regional government is firm on its position on its share, which amounts to 12% of the general budget, where differences are renewed in each period between the two governments on a number of files, including oil and gas, Peshmerga salaries and the entitlements of the Kurdish component, in addition to the need to legislate the oil and gas law inside the dome of the parliament. to pass the budget law in the Council of Ministers and then send it to the House of Representatives for approval.