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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

Welcome to the Neno's Place!

Neno's Place Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality


I can be reached by phone or text 8am-7pm cst 972-768-9772 or, once joining the board I can be reached by a (PM) Private Message.

Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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U.S.-backed Syrian rebels appeal for antiaircraft missiles


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U.S.-backed Syrian rebels appeal for antiaircraft missiles Empty U.S.-backed Syrian rebels appeal for antiaircraft missiles

Post by wciappetta Sun 04 Oct 2015, 5:44 am

U.S.-backed Syrian rebels appeal for antiaircraft missiles
U.S.-backed Syrian rebels appeal for antiaircraft missiles 2015-10-01T115356Z_01_SYR01_RTRIDSP_3_MIDEAST-CRISIS-SYRIA

By Liz Sly and Andrew Roth October 2   

BEIRUT — U.S.-backed rebels in Syria appealed to the Obama administration Friday for anti­aircraft missiles to defend their positions against relentless Russian airstrikes that have so far mostly targeted the moderate opposition to President Bashar al-Assad’s rule.

A joint statement issued by the United States and other Western allies who have collectively aided moderate rebel units urged Russia to stop targeting moderate rebels and “to focus its efforts on fighting ISIL,” the acronym referring to the Islamic State.

U.S. officials indicated that there is no immediate plan to offer additional assistance to the rebel units that have been armed and trained under a covert CIA-led program aimed at supporting moderate groups and weakening Assad’s hold on power.

The covert operation is separate from a much-publicized Pentagon program to train a force to fight the Islamic State that has so far produced no more than four or five loyal fighters, and it is widely credited with having helped rebel advances­ over the past six months in the areas now being targeted by the Russians.

[Russia’s move into Syria upends U.S. plans]

U.S.-backed Syrian rebels appeal for antiaircraft missiles 2300-RussiaSYRIA1003-v2

Russian warplanes sustained their bombardment of rebel positions in northern Syria for a third day Friday, and for the first time, the Defense Ministry in Moscow said the strikes also hit targets in the heart of Islamic State territory, in the north-central Syrian province of Raqqa.

A Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, said two strikes overnight Thursday hit an Islamic State training camp and a command post south of the city of Raqqa, expanding the scope of the air campaign.

But continued airstrikes Friday suggested that Russia’s main priority remains the anti-Assad rebellion in northern and western Syria, which poses a greater threat to the regime’s control over Damascus, the capital, than the forces­ of the Islamic State, concentrated in the far north and east of the country.

The attacks by Russian warplanes on the provinces of Hama, Homs and Idlib “did not target Daesh,” said the joint statement by the United States and its allies, using the Arabic acronym for the Islamic State. “These military actions constitute a further escalation and will only fuel more extremism and radicalization.”

The statement was signed by the governments of the United States, France, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom, which have collectively participated in the effort to arm and train moderate rebels through joint operations centers in Turkey and Jordan.

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One of the groups that has received weapons and training under the program said its positions in the Hama town of Latamneh were hit by 15 bombs Friday, the third and heaviest consecutive day of strikes against the town. Although Russian officials have insisted that their attacks are only targeting the Islamic State, the al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra or “other” terrorist organizations, no other military group is present in the town, according to Capt. Mustafa Moarati, a spokesman for the Tajamu al-Izza rebel brigade.

He said a video released by the Russian Defense Ministry on Thursday purportedly showing the destruction of an Islamic State headquarters in fact was of a command center of the U.S.-backed group. The Russians are using Su-34 warplanes that are more sophisticated than any in the existing Syrian air force, enabling a more accurate delivery of higher-ordnance missiles than had been the case when Syrian warplanes were bombing, he said.

Russian airstrikes in Syria, explained
Play Video1:31

Here's what you need to know about Russia's airstrikes in Syria. The Russian military claims the strikes target the Islamic State, but U.S. officials say it's not helping. (Jason Aldag/The Washington Post)

“They are doing this for two reasons. Firstly, because we are friends with the United States and they want to challenge the United States. And secondly, to vanquish the Free Syrian Army on the ground to show the world that only extremists are fighting Assad and that therefore he should survive,” Moarati said, moments before a huge explosion interrupted the call with him.

It was the second Russian strike of the day and the sixth in three days, he said, later adding that 13 more strikes followed. He said his unit has already received TOW anti­tank missiles from the United States under the covert program. Unless it also receives anti­aircraft missiles, his unit is in danger of being eliminated, he said.

“At least they could give us anti­aircraft missiles,” he said.

[This is Russia’s air power in Syria]

Hassan Haj Ali, the commander of Suqour al-Jabal, another U.S.-backed group targeted by Russian strikes Thursday, said that unless the United States offers help to the rebels it has supported so far, there is a risk of further radicalizing rebels who have so far adhered to the moderate demands of the 2011 uprising against Assad’s rule. He said he had not received any response to a request for help from the United States, relayed through intermediaries, who said they would consult with U.S. leaders.

“We need one of two things. Either a clear policy from the United States to prevent Russia and the regime from bombing Syrians, or otherwise they should send us anti­aircraft missiles so that we can confront the Russian planes,” he said, speaking from the main front line between rebels and the Islamic State in the northern Aleppo town of Marae.

“If they don’t help us, people will lose trust in our supporters, and this will increase extremism,” he added.

A U.S military official said the request was under consideration. Repeated requests by U.S.-backed rebels to be supplied with anti­aircraft missiles to be used against Syrian aircraft have been repeatedly refused in the past.

“It’s a complicated question and an even more complicated answer,” said the official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the matter freely. “Any decisions that we make, there are going to be ramifications,” not just for the United States but also for Washington’s partners in the military coalition against the Islamic State, he said.

Roth reported from Moscow. Missy Ryan in Washington and Sam Rifaie in Beirut contributed to this report.

Read more:

Moscow vs. Washington amid Syria’s misery

Why Russia is in Syria

This is Russia’s air power in Syria

Liz Sly is the Post’s Beirut bureau chief. She has spent more than 15 years covering the Middle East, including the Iraq war. Other postings include Africa, China and Afghanistan.

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U.S.-backed Syrian rebels appeal for antiaircraft missiles Empty Re: U.S.-backed Syrian rebels appeal for antiaircraft missiles

Post by weslin3 Sun 04 Oct 2015, 7:08 am

As my "grand pappy" would always say, "One Mell of a Hess!"
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U.S.-backed Syrian rebels appeal for antiaircraft missiles Empty ISIS, Created by the West as a Block to Russia and China

Post by ksp Sun 04 Oct 2015, 7:33 pm

ISIS, Created by the West as a Block to Russia and China

By GPD on October 4, 2015

Starikov: Russia is forcing the Americans to destroy their own project in its infancy

Translated by Kristina Rus
Russian author, historian and politician Nikolay Starikov explains what happened today like no one else at today’s meeting with fans and supporters. 
Even cats don’t get born on their own and such high-profile terrorist organisations, packaged with beautiful Hollywood promos don’t appear on their own. Of course, it is a project, the same project of the global banking elite. as once was Adolf Hitler, and before that where the Bolsheviks-Trotskyists, who have destroyed the Russian empire and were going to crush the neighboring states.
Islamic state is a can opener in the hands of the global elite, with which it was planning to destroy the world order, as it is.
You know, often when we talk about WWII, a question comes to mind, why did the English have to bring Hitler to power, if they were the strongest ones? Well, in order to be the strongest, you must destroy your competition. And Hitler was brought to power in order to destroy the USSR, which not only grew economically, but presented an alternative of a social order, which was a death sentence.
Lets remember the post-war USSR, when there was a constant dropping of prices which completely contradicts the market economy. Stalin did it, And did it yearly. And he would strangle this financially oriented economy with his price drops. It had to be prevented. This was Hitler’s task.
Today’s Islamic State is a tool to prevent the growth of China, Russia, and Europe getting out of control.
A big war is needed. Chaos is needed. It will help solve the problem of dropping consumption in the entire world.
War is needed for many reasons. Americans create the Islamic state.
Note, two years ago no one knew about this Islamic state. There was Al Qaida  and Syrian opposition. Remember the Free Syrian Army, where is it today? Is it so free, that it has dissipated on its own?
Imagine, you have the Bandera “Forest brothers” in the woods, and suddenly they self-organize in the woods and become “The Red Guard.” It is impossible. Either they are the “Forest brothers” or the “Red Guard”.  They can be one thing or the other. One cannot transform into the other on its own.
In order to create this instrument of destroying the world order you must destroy statehood.
First the destruction of states is a standard path of the global banking elite, which I am writing about in my book “Power”.
Second, how can you create this force, if you have states everywhere? You have the states of Iraq and Syria. You cannot create 100 thousand militants on the territory of Iraq. Therefore you have to get rid of the Iraqi state. Either it has to be completely absent as in Lybia, or be nominal, occupying two blocks in Baghdad. It is weakened and destroyed.
And here is Syria. It also has to be destroyed, but it doesn’t surrender. This is where the hate towards Assad comes from. This is why they keep repeating, Assad must go – in order to destroy the state.
Instead they create a quazi-state structure, which they pump with money and weapons and sent it towards Afghanistan. By the way there is fighting going on right now for Kunduz, which is on the border with Tajikistahn. They are preparing a bridgehead for the invasion. Everything is going according to plan.
They have to finish off Assad.
100 thousand fled to Europe, and how many refugees are in the camps?  A few million. If they cannot get to Europe, where will they go? You can hire them for cheap into your army, for example ISIS. People have no options, the infrastructure has been destroyed, there is nowhere to live, and here you are offered a salary!
This mess they want to send through Afghanistan to Central Asia. To destroy the Central Asian states. Which I and many others wrote about several years ago.
Further they will strike Russia and China.
Today several thousand Uighur militants are fighting for ISIS. This is the force that will be blowing up China.
You have to understand the logic of the Unites States. They gave birth to this instrument, but they need to let it grow.
They say “We are going to fight it”. They create a coalition, and as a result of this battle ISIS spreads to a huge territory.
Here is a question, are they fighting them?
In Afghanistan they were fighting with drugs. As a result the drug production grew 42 times. So ISIS will grow 42 times too. They are not fighting themselves, and not letting anyone fight it.
What are American strikes on the positions of militants? Do we know who they are bombing? I hope they know who they are bombing. They could be bombing the Syrian army. And if anything, they will say: “Ooops, sorry”. We said, we are sorry!
When they are there, ISIS can freely grow.
What is Russia doing? Understating, that this threat is coming for us, of course we have to fight there, but how? Not by bringing ground troops. Instructors, heavy equipment, aviation, but no ground troops. There are Syrian and Kurd ground troops.
The surrounding states see what’s going on. They are not stupid. They understand that his hurricane will sweep all the sovereign states. In Saudi Arabia there is a war on the border.
Do you think Saudi Arabia is happy, no they would rather drink cocktails and pump oil. At that moment comes Russia and says, guys we will clean this up, fold ISIS, we will pretend we don’t know it was created by the US. But we will liquidate it. All we want from you is help.
A week before Putin’s speech the Israeli prime minister, the Saudi king, the king of Jordan, why did they all fly to Putin? Because the fire is under their feet.
Everyone pretends they don’t know where ISIS came from.
When we brought our instructors and weapons there, Americans ended up in a difficult situation. Their monopoly on fighting ISIS was destroyed. We said let’s fight it, and they say, we are already fighting, we will not
Why are you flying here, bombing whatever you want?
If you don’t do that, we will fight ISIS ourselves.
Americans lost the opportunity to bomb anyone they want on the Syrian territory. If they fly they can get shot down, saying “Why din’t you coordinate with us? You flew into the territory of the Syrian army and they shot down your plane. We would have told you the Syrian army is there
Now they will try to torpedo this. If someone starts to pound the bandits, they are in a situation as if England and France were forced to destroy Hitler in 1938. Russia is forcing them to destroy their own project. This is the essence of it. 
Today’s approval of our Federation Council to use force abroad is simply a legal formality. It doesn’t mean our troops will go there. They would love to suck us into a ground war, but we won’t go for it. We will get money from the surrounding states. Syria will give us the soldiers. And everyone will be happy to get over with this ISIS. And Americans will be forced to repeat, yes, what a terrible organization.
We buried their project before it has entered a mature stage.
This is what’s happening there today.

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U.S.-backed Syrian rebels appeal for antiaircraft missiles Empty Re: U.S.-backed Syrian rebels appeal for antiaircraft missiles

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