[ltr]BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq Daily published the British tendency report that the Iraqi Councilof Representatives , "spoil the institution in history" because of the large number of funds and privileges of a member of the Council without introducing any law matter the country, and pointed to the parliamentary , which is referred to retire gets 80% of his salary, as described pension law Bamufbarak.oukalt newspaper report today: " the Iraqi parliament spoiled institution in history, as the Iraqi parliamentarians have access to more than a thousand dollars to work for only twenty minutes without being put one law matter the country in addition to the they get a fee estimated at 90,000 thousand dollars and a salary of 22,500 thousand dollars a month which means they receiveis greater than a member of the US Congress a salary . "She added that" there is overwhelming popular discontent about the Iraqi MP because he gets 22.500 thousand dollars a month, while many are struggling in order to make ends meet their daily lives miserable and exacerbated by parliamentarians miserable , "noting that" mid - level government employee gets $ 600 a month ."She explained that" the parliamentarian who fails to get a seat at the next session would be forwarded to the fabricated retirement to receive 80 percent of his monthly salary for life, and allow him to keep his passport Aldppelmasa he and all his family members , "asserting that" these anomalies privileges invented by the Iraqi parliament robs food of the poor, orphans, widows and even heads of the greatest countries in the world what they were dreaming about getting this. "[/ltr]