Karbala / News Network Iraq , said a spokesman for the Authority popular crowd Ahmed al - Asadi, today, the House of Representatives will vote on a draft law of the popular crowd during its Saturday Almqubl.ozkr Asadi in a press conference held at the headquarters of the popular crowd in Karbala :, "The House of Representatives will vote on Authority popular crowd Act unanimously on Saturday after overcoming obstacles and differences between the political blocs , ".ufema respectto the fourth stage of the popular crowd operations Asadi said:" today we have launched the fourth phase and is nearing completion after the liberation Jassim Airport inch "Afar" and 16 adjacent to the village of him, in addition to cut the supply lines between Sinjar and Tal Afar and tenderness and Mosul, clearing colt areas and appointed a horse named Central horse ". As spokesman Authority crowd, on the participation of 8,500 fighters of the popular crowd in securing visit the death of Imam Alhasin.oodhav Asadi, he said that" the popular crowd security 2329 km from the city of Karbala and the deployment of 6,500 fighters to secure the visit forty, in addition to 2,000 fighters last supported them in the power and depth of the towers desert and Razzazah Valley Asilh, Rahhaliyah coordination with national security and military intelligence . "He pointed Asadi, that"the popular crowd deployment of drones, "noting that "forces involved Hezbollah Brigades, Saraya concrete, and the Brigades of Imam Ali, and recruited forward, Ansar Allah loyal, and nujaba, andthe League of the Righteous, and the Task Abbas combat, and a brigade of Abu al Fadl al Abbas, a brigade Alotfov, Badr military wing forces."