Baghdad / Iraq News Network predicted Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari, is not affected concluded between Iraq and the United States agreements during President - elect Donald Trump House management Alowhit.oukal Jaafari during a joint news conference in Berlin with his German counterpart Frank - Walter Steinmeier, on Monday that "Our agreement with the United States strategic and not with the governor and the government and deal with Washington , not withthe heads, but with countries which democratic nations . " He pointed out , "Iraq is looking forward German take a bigger role in helping him to fight terrorism and we hope that the German support for Iraq is more of the nature of the battle and reflect it to continue its role more and more". He Jaafari , "we want to build positive relations with all neighboring countries and the world, but we will not allow overtaking on the sovereignty of Iraq , " noting , "We did not ask Germany to mediate between Iraq and Turkey , but we are looking forward to play such a role . " He explained al - Jaafari, said that "Iraq start planning stage post - liberation of the city of Mosul Daesh terrorist gangs , "adding , " We are now in the third stage and started editing the field and we were preparing plans beyond the liberation of Mosul , so that we can build schools and infrastructure there. " 
He said Foreign Minister "We looked at the Berlin humanitarian situation in Iraq and reminded them that the terrorists came to Iraq from more than 100 countries , " noting that "humanitarian assistance is necessary for Iraq as it passes war against Daesh . " He said al - Jaafari, said that " the space that has been edited in Nineveh province reached third largest city of Mosul itself , and this marks the success of the operation and military contexts , "Foreign Minister .oroy that the successes achieved by the Iraqi army in recent weeks on the liberalization of Mosul front came" faster than expected "warning at the same time to anticipate events and declare victory Mbkra.oadav Jaafari "despite the speed with which characterized the first phase of the battle to liberate Mosul , we must not expect that this fight will go the same pace in the coming weeks because the fighters Daesh will make every effort to prevent the loss of Mosul and will not hesitate to use civilians as human . " for his part , shields appealed to German Foreign Minister Frank - Walter Steinmeier said his government 's commitment to pledges not to displace the minorities of the city of Mosul after its liberation fighters Daash.ookd German minister of his government 's commitment to provide the necessary assistance to Iraq in order to help it absorb and sheltering displaced from areas that is released from the hands of Daesh.