BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , said a member of the committee of economy and investment representative, said on Monday that failure to secure the ration card items, due to the failure ofprevious governments in the economic file management in Albuld.opent Najiba Naguibvi a press statement today: " The ration card suffers a lot of problems, and the victim first and last is thecitizen, who did not get a ration card in terms of quality and quantity , "pointing out that we could not say that the Ministry of Commerce bear it, because previous governments failed in the whole economic file management is the main reason, we could not hold the government the current Ministry of Commerce because few financial allocations "She explained Najib said" the economic situation is going through the country is difficult, due to the collapse in oil prices, as well as thefailure of the previous governments in the economic file and mistakes administration in the ration card ".aalnt the Ministry of Commerce announced new measures include speeding up in theexecution of contracts for the amounts needed by the ministry to meet the needs of the ration card and all the provinces of the sugar, oil, rice, flour and processed items to the beneficiaries in Mentzm.ccant Ministry of Commerce denied in a statement Sunday the ration card for any Iraqi citizen withheld.