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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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BREAKING: Video Footage Released Minutes Ago Of TOP Governmental Official Sexually Harassing Reporte


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BREAKING: Video Footage Released Minutes Ago Of TOP Governmental Official Sexually Harassing Reporte

Post by Lobo on Tue Oct 11, 2016 3:50 pm

BREAKING: Video Footage Released Minutes Ago Of TOP Governmental Official Sexually Harassing Reporters  (THAT'S RIGHT IT IS OBAMA-AND THEY ARE ALL OVER TRUMP)
Posted by Alex Cooper | Oct 11, 2016 | Liberal Corruption

DISCLAIMER: Video Footage Contained Within This Post Shows A High Government Official Engaging In Sexual Misconduct

Does This Man Look Familiar? Look Closer And You’ll Realize EXACTLY Who It Is
At the 2nd Presidential debate just days two days ago, the mainstream media and Hillary Clinton wouldn’t get off the subject of Trump’s mistreatment towards women. Although Trump provided a very sincere, mature answer by taking full responsibility for his actions 11 years ago, they continued to hound him.
Of course, the media and the left would never bring up Bill’s sexual impurities while serving as Commander in Chief inside the oval office. The hypocrisy of the current governmental regime in America is tyrannically oppressive. It’s almost pathetic how twisted they are.
And now, in response to the illegally obtained and recorded tape of Donald Trump, Assange has released a video of Barack Obama prominently displaying his genital area to a group of female reporters on his private plane.

Obama Erection

Uploaded on Feb 21, 2009
Mr. Obama is clearly excited about the conversation he is having with the person on the phone.

The level of care and professionalism displayed in this video is perfectly consistent with the sort of leadership we have seen in the White House for 8 years. Where are the attacks from mainstream media? Where are all of the accusations about Obama being a literal sexual offender? His actions within this video are not only truly vile, they are illegal as well.
The cherry on top would have to be the fact that CNN originally captured this footage before hiding it. Can you imagine how many “specialists” and “experts” they would bring on their broadcast to talk about the “horrors” of what happened if it was Trump? They would never stop talking about it.
But as we all know, true justice and liberty left the American government long ago. Instead of focusing on defending our nation from imminent terror attacks and the ever-impending financial doom that looms because of failed economic policies, Obama and Hillary want to talk about all of the “mean things” Trump says about radical jihadists and criminal Mexican immigrants.
It’s even worse if you take a look at the actual policies they are trying to put in place. Based on the numbers, there have already been 62 terror attacks on our own soil since January of this year. Who performed these attacks? Radicalized jihad militants disguised as refugees or immigrants. Hillary Clinton wants to increase the amount of refugees by 500% in just weeks after the election. That would cause a national epidemic of literally 9 terror attacks a week.

That’s not all though. The Clinton Machine also wants to provoke aggression with Russia and further destabilize the Middle East. What Democrats fail to realize, is that working hand in hand with Russia would be a very good thing. Why does Hillary feel the need to build hysteria around the false idea that Russia hates the United States? Have they already forgotten that we were literally in a Cold War with the Soviets for decades?

Let Us NEVER Forget The Men Who Died To Defend Our Sacred Values
None of it matters to them. They are content to watch the domestic and foreign policy positions of America crumble so long as their bank accounts are flowing.
Patrick Henry once famously said, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” It’s hard to believe that a classic American quote would one day reemerge as a warning sign. Our government was never designed to behave this way. It was never supposed to have control of mass media so that it could cover up the sexual perversions of Democratic leaders while bashing those with no political agenda such as Trump.
This election cycle will determine if our borders remain in tact. This election cycle will determine if the middle class continues to shrink. This election will determine if division and hatred spread by groups such as BLM will prevail. This election will determine if the American People will be free of terror attacks from refugees and immigrants who live in our own country.
In 27 days we will stand together at the polls. On that fateful day will we once more look to Patrick Henry for guidance; let us never settle for the corrupt powers of tyranny—give me liberty or give me death.

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