BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq senior source revealed on Saturday, corruption agent , former secretary general of the Council of Representatives Ayad Namik through an agreement with a company to renovate the conference hall in the House of Representatives after it was agreed three billion Danar.oukal Source: " The secretary - general former House of Representatives Ayad Namik signed an agreement with a company to repair the conference room at $ 3 billion dinars. " "The secretary - general of the current parliament Sabah al - Bawi , signed recently an agreement with another company for the restoration of the conference hall of the House of Representatives, but at 150 million dinars only . " The head of the "honest bloc" parliamentary Hassan Salem revealed earlier, that the value of the establishment of the website of the House of Representatives , a million dollars Amraki, reached and among the broadcast of the SNG system of the Council amounted to one billion and 700 million dinars ", he described the figure as" frightening ", to escalate claims to open an investigation in this harmful View of the Iraqi economy and its follow - up revealed the corrupt and bring them to the integrity Commission and the government and the competent authorities ".