North Korea announced its readiness Tuesday to respond to any US military action, considering sending US aircraft carrier and warship warships to the shores of the Korean Peninsula a sign of aggressive intentions. North Korea's Foreign Ministry said in a statement Tuesday, The dispatch of the US aircraft carrier to the region "confirms that the scenario of the American incursion into North Korea has reached a serious stage," asserting that "if the United States made a military option, under the yelling of a" pre-emptive strike "and" destruction of headquarters, "the Republic The DPRK is ready to respond "The South Korean Defense Ministry said on Monday that the deployment of the US aircraft carrier Carl Vinson "In the waters near the Korean Peninsula, he came to counter North Korea's strategic provocations," said ministry spokesman Moon Sang Kyun at a regular news conference. He believes the United States is aware of the seriousness of the situation on the Korean Peninsula, To commit Korea North Korea has not made any military action against North Korea, except with close and close cooperation with South Korea. He said that the United States will not take any military action against North Korea, Kim Hong-hyun, South Korea's top nuclear negotiator on the North Korean nuclear issue, met his Chinese counterpart Wu Dawei in Seoul on Monday amid fears that North Korea might conduct a sixth nuclear test or launch an intercontinental ballistic missile during the month, a South Korean official said. Kim Hong-hyun: "We exchanged views h "There is no need to impose more stringent sanctions if North Korea conducted a strategic provocation, including the implementation of a nuclear explosion or the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile." South Korean officials believe that Pyongyang has completed preparations for a nuclear explosion is expected at any time, According to experts, North Korea is just around the corner from completing the final stages of developing its nuclear program, separated only by a few nuclear tests.