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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Hebrew newspaper expects a grim fate of Israel if it fought a war with Hezbollah


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Hebrew newspaper expects a grim fate of Israel if it fought a war with Hezbollah

Post by rocky on Mon 24 Apr 2017, 3:52 am

Hebrew newspaper expects a grim fate of Israel if it fought a war with Hezbollah

Sunday April 23, 2017 19:57

News / Baghdad
The newspaper "Jerusalem Post" Hebrew published a detailed deal with the party capabilities report of God Lebanese, pointing out that the first change that has happened in this arsenal is in terms of quantity, as pointed out that the party's missiles will leave devastation not seen in Israel before, the likely number of deaths and injuries would be "shocking".

Israeli intelligence: Hezbollah surrounding circumstances, a relief
"Daesh" adopts rocket fire on Israel

According to the Hebrew newspaper, in 2006, Hezbollah has about 15,000 rockets, were launched about 4,300 rockets during the 34 days of fighting, at a rate of 130 rockets a day, pointing out that the party today has about 130 thousand rockets and able to launch about 1,000 rockets a day on Israel in any future war.

The report also monitors progress in the quality of the rockets of Hezbollah, which has become, according to the channel "new", longer term, where Hezbollah was able to bombard Haifa and the north, but today they can that affects almost anywhere inside Israel, missiles with warheads larger, more accurate, and the ability to launch a maximum of Lebanon , not just south Lebanon as in 2006, except for missiles that can be fired from inside the fortified underground rooms.

The report cited the example of that Syrian missiles M-600, which is a copy of Light missile 110 Iranian-made, the extent of about 300 km and a warhead weighing 500 kg, which is also equipped with a sophisticated navigation system, which means that Hezbollah can bomb any goal he wants.

The report indicated that appreciation in Israel is that the party has hundreds of M-600 stored in tunnels missiles underground and houses in southern Lebanon, and has Scud missiles , including Scud "D" advanced obtained from Syria , which has a range of 700 km, putting the Knesset occupied Jerusalem, the nuclear reactor in Dimona, and the power plant in Ashkelon , all within the scope of Hezbollah rockets.

In addition to the party to improve its capabilities on the ground, where there are about 5,000 fighters in Syria now, they have gained real experience in the battlefield, which means that Israel will face more difficult ground war in the next war, in the words of the newspaper report.

The newspaper said that the prevailing view in the Israeli army is that Hezbollah will launch long-range missiles early in the next war, as a result of two factors motivated, first, the desire inflicted damage and destruction great in the enemy as quickly as possible, and secondly, to avoid the destruction of missiles depots long-range campaign proactive air as happened in July 2006.

The report spoke of the destruction is expected by the Hezbollah rockets will be as Israel has not seen before, and the potential number of deaths and injuries will shock the enemy entity, because the Iron Dome and David's Sling, will be busy with the protection of strategic installations such as military bases, airports and power plants, and will not be able to intercept every rocket fired at an Israeli settlement.

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