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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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He highlighted the meeting of the Palestinian President and US President Donald Trump axes


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He highlighted the meeting of the Palestinian President and US President Donald Trump axes

Post by rocky on Fri 05 May 2017, 2:38 am

He highlighted the meeting of the Palestinian President and US President Donald Trump axes

President Mahmoud Abbas revealed the content of the meeting on Wednesday, US President Donald Trump.

The president said in an interview broadcast on Palestine TV on Thursday: 'What we discussed with President Trump is that we introduced ourselves, and we made Palestine and what you want and you like and aspire to, and what are the positions of international and local state of Palestine, for example , our position on terrorism , it was necessary to clarify President Trump, our position from the two countries, and our vision of two states, and our vision for a solution, this is what Astardnah with him, and in a short time. '

He explained that Trump is enthusiastic and has a political vision.

He added: 'We also spoke in many different areas, its conclusion, how can we start, and quickly in order to resolve the Palestinian issue', pointing out that ' the American president is interested and excited, and has a vision for a political solution, and we walk with him, hoping to reach this solution' .

On the next step after the important meeting with President Trump, explained that: 'There are contacts will take place after this meeting to arrange the situation between us and the US administration, both at the level of bilateral relations, or relations of peace, it must be that this is looking with others, and when it completes the picture has seen how it can begin, we will be ready to deal and work with him, with all of our energy ', he says.

In answer to the question 'Do you will be invited to President Trump to visit the Palestinian territory, saying:' When I congratulated him for the success gave him an invitation to visit Bethlehem, as usual, and I wished him to visit us at Christmas an important international figure, and this time we pointed to this call, and willing God have the opportunity to visit the holy land '.

With regard to the issue of prisoners in Israeli jails strikers hunger, the president said: Our Lord gives them health and wellness, and strengthen them on this position, which they have taken a strike, which is their right. "

He continued that " the prisoners have given humanitarian requests, but with great regret the Israeli government refuses even humanitarian demands, when asking for a phone in prison, or visit their families, I think that these demands of the most basic humanitarian conditions, which must have captive available.

He stressed that Israel rejects the conditions of the prisoners, blaming them 'full responsibility for any injury or damage to any of these prisoners, because they are first and foremost responsible for what is happening to them, is not entitled to refrain from meeting his demands', he said.

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